Sunday, December 30, 2012

The vanishing act

We had quite the scare tonight.  We dropped the kids off to theEx at 4 and since we were childless, we decided to do our grocery shopping.  First we hit Martin’s grocery to pick up our meat and a little groceries.  Then we went to Walmart to finish the grocery shopping, some things are just cheaper there plus Cheri wanted to look at restocking our Christmas bags for next year.  She bought a crap load of bags, some tissue paper and some wrapping paper, all at 50% off.  But we really wanted to hit the Christmas candy aisle but there really wasn’t much there.  We were disappointed and distraught, but since we were going to head up to Arby’s for supper and there’s a Walgreen’s next door, we figured we’d stop there to see if they had anything.  And we hit the jackpot.

We bought all kinds of candy (50% off plus Cheri had coupons) and Cheri went to town on Christmas containers and tins for next year.  Plus we bought my mom some Peeps that were in the shape of Mickey Mouse.  We buy her Peeps at every holiday now just because she hates them, she hates marshmallows in general.  But she loves Mickey Mouse so we couldn’t resist.  As a matter of fact, we decided to drop them off on our way home because we were so proud of the purchase.  Since Cheri was excited about all the stuff she got for cheap, we took all the bags in so she could brag to my mom.  The visit didn’t start well, Jake (my brothers dog) knocked my pop off the table all over the floor, so I was cleaning that up while Cheri showed off all her purchases.  We hung out awhile and chit chatted while watching the end of the Michigan game.  We eventually left, my mom was probably thankful.  We took our stash and headed home.

In case you hadn’t heard, it’s been snowing all day so it’s getting pretty slick out there but eventually we made it home.  But since it was slick, we had taken my car because it does a lot better in the snow.  Although if you listen to Cheri, my driving makes up for how good it is because she doesn’t like the way I drive in the snow.  I’ve been driving in it for over 20 years, I’m pretty sure I got this.  I haven’t had an accident in the snow since I was 16 and that wasn’t even my fault.  But back to tonight, we took my car, which we normally don’t do when we go shopping because Cheri’s car has more room in the back.  She drives kind of a small SUV so it has that kind of hatch type of back to it with lots of room.  My car has her wheelchair in the trunk so the only place we could put the groceries was in the back seat.  After all the stops and all the crap we bought, the back seat was stacked up about half way up the front seats.


Actual shot before it started snowing.

Now there are 2 things that suck when we get groceries.  One, our apartment is in the back of the building and is upstairs so it’s a bitch to carry everything.  Two, Cheri can’t carry much because of her medical issues.  So I get to carry the majority of it up.  The positive is, Cheri bought this huge ass bag that we use.  And I mean huge, I bet I could put both kids in it if they would fold the right way but I suppose breaking them in half would get me in trouble with CPS.  But you get the idea.  Now, I accidently broke the shoulder strap this past summer because I tend to put way to much weight in it and it completely ripped off the buckle for the shoulder strap.  So now I have to put the handles over my shoulder, it works, just not as comfortable.  But we had left It upstairs because we are dumb asses.  Cheri grabbed a bunch of the light bags, mainly the Christmas crap, and I grabbed a couple of handfuls of bags and carried them upstairs.  I then grabbed the big ass bag and went back out to the car and filled it up.  I heaved it up over my shoulder and I heard something fall out into the snow.  I look down and all 5 of the frozen pizzas were laying in the snow (they were 5/$10).  So I walked to the back of my car and put the big ass bag on the trunk and went over to get the pizza’s.  I struggled to pick them up because of my gloves and how slick they were but I eventually got them picked up.  One small problem though, while I was fighting with the stupid pizza’s the big ass bag, had slid off the trunk because of the snow and fell off onto the ground completely upside down.  With most of our groceries in it.  Luckily, I had planned on carrying the eggs and bread in my other hand so they weren’t in there.  I flipped the bag over, threw everything in and carried it upstairs.  Some of the stuff was damaged as in the boxes were damaged, like the milk and individual Jello’s were dented in.  The 2 worse things that happened were the Tostito’s bag had popped open so we lost some chips in the bag, and apparently the hot dog buns were in the bag, oops.

Maybe not that big, but close.

But we got everything put away and were enjoying our evening in front of the TV when Cheri realized that she didn’t remember seeing the bag with all the candy we bought.  So she went back out to the dining room and kitchen and searched to no avail.  I was pretty sure I didn’t leave it in the car, I remembered the back seat being empty but I didn’t know if it had fell out when the bag flipped and I didn’t notice it (I was a little pissed and just threw everything back in quickly).  So Cheri put on her boots and went out and searched the car and all around it, nothing.  She was panicked, she couldn’t find them, WHERE’S OUR CANDY, DAMMIT?  After I searched the kitchen (I checked the fridge and dishwasher, you never know) we decided it must be at my mom’s so I text her and asked if she was asleep because it was now 20 after 10 and she generally hits the hay around 10.  She didn’t answer right away and while we were waiting on a response, we thought about the bag of candy, sitting on the coffee table.  Right at the level of my brother’s 2 dogs that are staying there.  We thought for sure they went to bed and didn’t notice the bag and it was all going to be gone by the time they woke up the next morning.  Which, in case you didn’t know, chocolate is very bad for animals.  So Cheri worried about the candy (probably not about the dogs).  But my mom text back at 11 and I told her what was going on and sure enough, we left it there but they weren’t in bed yet so they put it up.  Cheri tried to get her to deliver it before she went to bed but my mom said that wasn’t happening.

Of course it’s all my fault because I grabbed the bags when I left.  Well, all but the bag of candy that is.

Wow, this short story got long.

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  1. A bag of candy would be worth a lot in a snow storm. Take care.