Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Randomness

Tomorrow’s Christmas (maybe today depending how long it takes me to post this, I keep getting sidetracked, stupid facebook.).  Plans are, get up and have our family Christmas with the kids, then head on over to my mom’s for lunch.  It used to be the whole family, but it seems one part of the family doesn’t want to hang with us anymore.  They keep bowing out of the holiday get togethers because they want to celebrate with just their family.  I understand the thinking, but wonder if they realize how it makes everyone else feel considering the holiday family get togethers have been going on as long as I can remember.  What makes it worse is when they post a status like this.


Now, she’s referring to her family in North Carolina but I just wanted to post a reply “funny, because you have family here that you apparently don’t want to be with.”  Like I said above, I understand the thinking.  But Christmas morning is all about your (household) family.  Then lunch time is supposed to be all about the rest of your family.  Plus you have all of Christmas Eve with your immediate family.  Why they can’t take a few hours at lunch to hang out with the rest of the family is beyond me.  But whatever, I don’t want to hang out with your Notre Dame loviing asses anyways.  Besides, it just means he has to wait to get his $20 for making the 2nd round of the playoffs in fantasy football.


We saw this at the Hallmark store last week.  For those that are new around here, Samantha would be my daughter’s name, and Christopher would be a friend of ours, kids name.  So I showed the picture to Sam and asked her if there was something I need to know.  She didn’t find that amusing, especially since I teased her for 2 days.  What’s a dad for?


You see this lovely thing, it’s a Christmas Countdown Clock.  It’s pretty cool and the kids have enjoyed it this year.  Of course, I have to keep breaking up arguments between them.  “But dad, it says there’s 5 days left, it’s counting down to Christmas Eve”  “No, it’s not.  It’s counting down to midnight on Christmas eve, which is technically when Christmas day starts.”  “But it says 5 days and today’s the 19th, that’s 6 days till Christmas.”  “Do you not see the numbers after the 5 days, those would be hours, minutes and seconds.  Add all those up and it equal’s another day”.  The argument got old, apparently they couldn’t quite get it.

But you know what’s best about this particular countdown clock?  Cheri won it free.  She signed up when she was in the Hallmark store a few weeks ago and they called her and said she won it.  She thought she had won a countdown to Christmas ornament.  So imagine her surprise when she shows up and they hand her a pretty big box and she opens it up to that.  She googled and it runs $150.  She says that the most expensive item she has ever won.

The only negative I have with it is the snow has glitter on it.  Stupid glitter.  If I want glitter on myself, I’ll go to the strip club.

Looks like we are going to have our White Christmas after all, it snowed a few days ago and some of the snow is still left.  But it’s not on the roads which is the best kind of snow.  In case I don’t get around to getting on tomorrow, everyone have a Merry Christmas.  Have a safe and happy holiday.  Enjoy your family and friends.  I don’t have a Track of the Day for you but I’ll leave you with my favorite Christmas album.

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