Saturday, December 15, 2012

Forcing one out

Yeah, I’m still alive.  There’s nothing going on but yet, there’s stuff going on.  I’ve gone from posting 15+ posts for the last 5 months to, this will be my 6th post this month at the halfway point.  I’m not really doing anything different and I’ve had a few things happen that I could post about, but I just can’t find the desire to sit down and type something.  I’m kind of forcing this one out.


I spent a day changing my Twitter up.  I pretty much used my personal account for everything.  But I’ve divided it into multiple accounts so those that follow this blog or my family and friends don’t have to deal with all the sports tweets.  Then I also started another account to do daily tweets.

  • jccsst1022 – My personal account, which also goes with this blog and my A Day in the Life of a Nobody blog because they are both personal.
  • sportobsession6 – This account goes with My Sports Obsession blog as well as My Sports Obsession Tumblr account.  The first account had a bunch of followers that I’m having trouble getting them to switch to this account so as many as my fellow sports bloggers that followed me, very few actually read me.
  • dailyjlaws13 – I don’t expect any followers on this blog.  You know those annoying people who tweet everything.  This is that kind of twitter.  I tweet some songs I listen to on Spotify, what I’m watching with GetGlue, what and where I’m at when reading with Goodreads.  And most days I tweet how many songs I’ve listened to and how many blog posts I’ve read on my Google Reader.  Don’t ask me why, I don’t really know.  I like keeping track of everything.  Again, don’t ask me why, I don’t know.

I also created some basic backgrounds for the first 2 twitter accounts that listed my blog and twitter addresses on it.  For someone who doesn’t care how many followers I sure try to put my stuff out there.  It’s nice to know some one is reading I guess.

My daughter is moving back home today.  She attempted to get out of her housing contract at school so she could get her own apartment.  Well, she got out of it, but since it’s the end of the semester, they told her she had to move out by today.  They told her this yesterday.  So we went out last night, picked up all her stuff and rented a storage unit for it and dropped it off.  And today, after work she’ll come back home.  It sucks, because she’s your typical teenage girl.  Moody, everything’s about her and nobody else matters, she stays up late which in turn, tends to wake us up.  She doesn’t clean up after herself and expects her mom to do it.  And even with all that crap, I’m ok with her moving back in because I can’t have her living on the street.

The bad part is the 2 youngest have to share a room again.  That sucks for them and it sucks for us.  For the most part they get a long great, but when Skyler moved out, there were so ready to have their own rooms to do their own stuff.  Now I’m sure they will start getting on each other’s nerves again.  If it works out the way Skyler thinks it will, she will be gone before the end of January.  My prediction, she will probably be here at least till April but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t until summer when she moves out.

What pissed me off last night was, we grab my mom’s van and are on our way out to her place to get her stuff.  She calls and says she’s running to get something to eat.  We were already half way there.  Now she could have ran to McDonalds or Arby’s which are pretty much next door and been back about the time we got there.  But not Skyler, it doesn’t matter that we are taking time to help her, she drives all the way to Steak ‘n Shake to get food and we end up waiting at her place for 20 minutes for her to come home.  Remember where I said she doesn’t think of anyone else, case and point.

So neither my wife or I are happy with the arrangement but what can you do.  She leaves on Tuesday to spend a week in Virginia so she’ll only be here for a few days before she leaves again.  I only hope she grows up and gets her head out of her ass before she’s in her 30’s, it took me that long, I hope she’s smarter than I was.  Who knows, I may have not completely removed my head from my ass yet.


Track – Jump around

Artist – House of Pain


I found this looking at some Everlast for my playlists.  I didn’t realize the guy from Everlast was the guy from House of Pain.  I used to love this song.

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