Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A quicky, maybe

*** Warning – There is sexual content below, just wanted to let you know so you can get your hands down your pants before continuing.

I just thought I’d share a Facebook conversation that I jumped in with my smart ass mouth.  It involves a friend who just separated from his wife and has a new girlfriend.  I used colors to show each person, except me, because you all know me.  My friend works on another shift and both his foreman’s are friends of mine.

Chris B Wing

Now let’s break this down.  Red is happy with his surprise and share’s that he’s happy and is smart enough to be vague about it.  Well, Green wants to know what it is, so he asks.  Why not, worse that could happen is he say no.  But Red confirms what it was and Green was wrong, it got worse.  Now I understand that your ex was a little prude and it may be your 1st time, but really?  Do you tell Facebook that your girlfriend just let you tap her ass, literally.  Yellow decides to tease him about him getting it in the ass.  Then Green jumps in and offers his and Yellow’s services.  Red laughs it off.  Uh oh, Red’s girlfriend has something to say, this can’t be good.  Wait, what?  You recognize Green’s name and know his wife so you want to say hi.  I guess she doesn’t care that everyone knows her ass is a little looser now.  But I couldn’t let that go, so I had to say something.  First I joined in on the bashing of my friends ass, then make fun of his girlfriend.  But at least Red takes it in stride and makes fun of Green.

Did you follow all that?  It may be a good thing if you didn’t.  I guess when you get rid of the wife that wouldn’t let you do anything, you make sure everyone knows.

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