Thursday, May 24, 2012

WTF Did They Just Say?

Welcome to a Special Edition of WTF did they just say? Why a special edition,  because this comes courtesy of my ex-wife’s husband, (the JackAss) and he’s a moron.

First off, I had to tell him to stop texting me because he just lies with everything he says.  He used to make fun of theEx to me, saying all kinds of things, including how he hoped she would leave him, ect.  I finally had a sit down with theEx  and told her about these texts and even showed them to her.  Then he got really pissed at me, cussed me out, blah, blah, blah.  I never respond to anything he texts me.  If you know me, you can call me whatever you want, I really don’t care what anyone thinks of me.

Anyways, this is theEx and Cheri.

photo 1

The white text on the left is my ex, the green is my wife.  I had forgotten to send one of Trevor’s pills to her house for the one day she was watching him.  Just spaced it, my fault.

And the last green box from Cheri when she put “accuse”, they have accused her of all kinds of things.  All of them being wrong.  They once cussed me out because they said she threw out a coat they had bought Trevor.  I forwarded a picture of it hanging in Trevor’s closet.  Didn’t get a sorry or nothing.  Just a “Oh, Trevor said you threw it away”.  How about asking instead of accusing, dumb ass.

Sorry, I got sidetracked, but the sidebar was necessary to expand on why she put accuse in quotes.  In my opinion, it was justified.  I have no idea why theEx even text Cheri instead of me.  She said because she knew I was at work, but she also knows I text all day long at work, so who the hell knows.  I’d be rich if I could explain why they do the stupid shit that they do.

Now here is where her idiot husband comes in.  You’ll notice the spelling and text in general difference when he texts, that’s how we can tell when he’s doing it from her phone.

photo 2photo 3

Now, after the first bubble up there, Cheri calls Tina, she doesn’t answer. A big shocker there because she has no backbone. Cheri left a voicemail explaining the same thing she put in the text above about why I forgot to send the pill, and told her that she does feed and clothe the children and if she isn’t women enough to answer her phone, then stop texting her.

Then she gets the next bubble on the left.  Meanwhile, Cheri keeps calling because they won’t answer the phone and she keeps receiving texts.  Finally, Wayne answers.  Cheri says “Do you feel better now?”  Their response, Wayne-“I feel better, Tina, do you feel better?”  Tina mumbled something and then Wayne said “Yeah, we feel better.”  Cheri said your making a big deal because we forgot to send 1 pill when you went for months, purposely not giving them to him?  Why not just say, hey guys, I ran out of pills, can you remember to send some next time?”  Wayne did some bitching, then said “The kids don’t even like you” he puts it on speaker phone and then ask “Hey kids, do you even like Cheri?” and then they responded “NO!!!”  Then Cheri said “Well that’s some good parenting right there, involving the kids.  You have a pleasant day” and hung up.

Now did you read all that?  you have ms.more stupid.  WTF?  Did she marry a 5 year old?

During all this, I was at work and Cheri didn’t tell me until after I got off because she knew that I’d be pissed, and she was right.  My hands were shaking I was so pissed.  I tried calling Tina when I got home and of course she didn’t answer.  I don’t have screen capture on my phone so I’ll have to type out the text I got.

“What do u need.” – Wayne

“For you to answer your phone.” – me

“ complain like your wife.” – Wayne (copied like it is, I’m not that stupid.)

“Give the phone to Tina and tell her to call me.” – me

“Che doesnty wanty to talk to you or your wife.and if u have a problem with me take I up with me.not her.u no need” – Wayne

“Typical Tina, no spine.” – me

“You day is comeimg very soon if i was u i would shut the fuck up because i will come to you and shut u up myuself im tired of your bad additude twords my wife.hope u can defend ur self.i tried being nice for the kids sake but I dont give a fuck bring it on jeff” – Wayne

After that I didn’t respond.  Do you realize how hard it was to type that out and keep uncorrecting the spell check and lower casing the I’s.  #1 – Other than saying she had no spine, I have never made fun of her.  He, on the other hand, has said all kinds of things about her.  I have the text’s on my phone to prove it.  #2 -


This is him, or her, or whatever.  Everybody I know that has met him, or her, has asked me if he was a guy.  He looks like a very butch woman.  So yeah, not afraid of that.  He’s the typical bully that will text anything he wants but has no balls (probably really, no balls) to say anything to me in person.

So when I pick up the kids from Tina that night.  I have the kids get in my car and ream her out.  (Sidenote – when I say ream, I mean lecture. I don’t ever yell.  Ask anyone.)  Asking her if she wants to lose the kids because that’s what’s going to happen if she can’t control her husband.  I told her (and not for the first time) that the only time we have issues is when her husband gets involved.  Tina and I get along fine until he opens his yap, or should I say, types with his fingers.  I have issues with Tina, yes, but nothing big until he’s in the mix.  I also reamed her out for not taking Samantha to her softball practice on Sunday afternoon.  I told her I do everything I can to get you more time with the kids, every weekend and most days off school, and this is what I have to deal with. I left it with this, and I’ll direct quote it for you.

“And tell your husband, he knows where I live, come on over anytime when the kids aren’t home.  You better get a leash on your bitch before I put him down”

On the way home, I reamed out my kids for saying what they did, but I didn’t punish them further because they never should have been involved in the first place.  But that doesn’t change the fact that I was extremely disappointed with both of them.

Then later that night, I send a text to Tina telling her Samantha has a game Tuesday night so I need her bat bag before then.  No response.  So Monday morning, I send the text again.  No response.  So I started to send the same exact text every hour.  All in all, I sent 7 text’s before I got a response.  Here’s how that went.

“Ity at ur moms” – Wayne

“What?” – me

“We tyook tyo yourt mommys house big boy.its on the porch.” – Wayne

So deciphered, they dropped it off at my mom’s on her porch.  But once again, you see who’s answering her phone.  So I no longer can communicate with the mother of my children because he controls everything she does now.

He’s such an idiot.  Do you see what I have to deal with.  I have never tried to take the kids from their mother, but at this point, I just want her to go away.  And I have no problem kicking his ass, but I was raised to not start fights.  But I guarantee if he swings at me, I’m tearing him apart.  And if you know me, I am not violent in any way.


  1. Oh good grief. What a jerk.

    It sounds like (reverse gender) my former officemate's situation with her ex and his new wife. The new wife controls the ex, and is ruining the relationship between the officemate and her daughter.

    I hope it doesn't get too awful before it improves.

    1. Thanks, we haven't heard anything from him since then. Hopefully, it stays that way. Luckily, she gradually gives them to me more and more. She's only had them 1 day a week lately.