Sunday, May 6, 2012

Wore out

We are wore out this evening.  Friday night, Samantha had a ball game so we spent a couple hours out there.  Saturday morning was the MS walk, which went great.  Cheri decided she was going to try to do the 2.5 mile walk so we headed out and did it.  She took off, she’s a much faster paced walker than I am.  I annoy her because I just take my time and stroll while she’s off to the races.  I guess I’m just never in a hurry.  She made it, the whole 2.5 miles, but with consequences.  Her feet hurt, but worse her left hand went into a spasm and froze in a fist.  She took some meds after the race and eventually got her hand back.  I’ll make another post about the walk itself when I get around to downloading the few pictures that were taken.  But we all survived.  Our walkers included Cheri and I, Samantha and Trevor, my mom and my grandmother.  That was team Laws.

We got done, had some lunch and sat around most of the evening.  We were both feeling pretty good.  I figured it wouldn’t hit until this morning.  But all we did was walk and I walk all day long at work so I figured I’d be ok.  Well, this morning rolled around and we both actually didn’t hurt.  We were rather pumped.  Then at 2 today, Trevor had a game so Cheri and I were out at the diamonds again for a few hours of coaching.  Not sure what happened.  But between me standing on the field all game, and Cheri standing in the dugout all game.  It wore us out.  We went to grab some lunch and just some quick groceries and came home so we could relax.  We weren’t tired, but our bodies were extremely exhausted.  Just as I’m about to fall asleep on the couch, I get a phone call.  My step dad needed help moving a fridge.  So I went and did that and eventually made it back home.  Odd thing was, once I was up and helping with the fridge, my exhaustion went away.  So I’m not sure what happened there.  But I came home feeling pretty good.

We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.  Maybe I can get back to some regular posting this week.  I have a practice with my team on Tuesday, Samantha has a game Thursday, Trevor has a game Friday, and both play Saturday.  So maybe I won’t get back to regular posting.  I’ll try to get the MS walk post done tomorrow.

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