Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekly Catch up

I really need to redo my blog roll as I follow a lot more blogs.  I’ve spread out my blog reading away from sports and started reading other blogs.  I’ve gotten into some of the parenting blogs.  Not your usual, this is how you raise your kids, but more, actual stories and happenings in (usually) a mother’s life.  I really only follow them if they add humor along with their posts.  Those blogs have actually inspired me to blog a little more, which is why I have been getting more written posts here.  But more on that later, I though I would do a weekly catch up here, once a week or so, and plug my other blogs that I dabble with.

Laws Reviews

Laws Reviews – While I mainly started this blog to help keep track of what movies I’ve watched and books I’ve read.  I’ve tried branching out a some other stuff to review as well.  I’m actually still looking for my first follower on that site.

Most viewed post this week – Cowboys & Aliens

My Sports Obsession

My Sports Obsession – I use this blog the most, I have 70 followers and get all kinds of comments.  So I tend to post there a lot more.  I’ve posted there 101 times already in 2012.  It’s mainly about sports and sports cards.

Most viewed post this week – Today’s 9-Gordon Beckham, page 4

My Sports Obsession(1)

My Sports Obsession Tumblr – A blog where I post all the images from My Sports Obsession as well as other photos.

  • 3 University of Michigan posts.
  • 10 White Sox posts.
  • 9 other MLB posts.
  • 1 Indianapolis Colts post.

Total of 23 posts.

Random Thoughts From A Random Guy

Random Thoughts from a Random Guy – If you’re here, you know what this one is about.

Most viewed post this week – Who was that guy?

Too Many Manninghams

Too Many Manninghams – I guest post on this University of Michigan sports blog.


As you can see, I spend a little time blogging.  These don’t even include a few others that I do privately for myself.  My sports Obsession has been around for almost a year, Random Thoughts from a Random Guy has been around for a little over a year but it has transformed a few times on what exactly I was doing with it.  Dennis started Too Many Manninghams and I started Laws Reviews and My Sports Obsession Tumblr on the 1st of this year so they’ve only been around for a few months.

I enjoy writing blogs, and hopefully I will have some good content for this blog in the future.  I have some ideas on what I’m doing here, now I just hope to generate some followers so it actually feels like I’m sharing with somebody.  I’ve only gotten 1 follower other than my wife on this blog and I picked him up because he’s a friend on Facebook. 

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