Friday, February 3, 2012

Me, a writer?

I would love to be.  And some say I’m good at it.  I don’t know if I agree with that, but I do like to write.  Why don’t I?  Basically, I don’t know what to write about.  I have a sports blog, where I write about, well, sports.  I have a reviews site, where I write mostly movie reviews and a few other things I might review.  I started this blog awhile back so I could write about other stuff.  But I never have anything to write about so it has become more of a humor site where I post things I find funny.  Mainly because I don’t know what else to post.  If your wondering where this is coming from, I wrote “The Year my Life Changed Forever” over on my sports blog.  It was sports related, but also from my past.  I posted the link on my Facebook so I had comments from friends and family telling me I was a good writer and they enjoyed the post.

I’ve been told that most my life.  And I take pride when I write something worth reading.  I can remember a satire story I had to write for class in school.  I think I still have it somewhere in a box.  I enjoyed writing it and the people that read it liked it, or at least told me they did.  I kept a journal for about a year on a particular subject, and I let somebody else read it.  And they complimented me.  I’ve written letters to people and I get compliments.  I’ve written short stories to my wife, and she loves them.  I get free Kindle books, and a lot of times they are short stories.  And I’ve even considered writing some kind of short story or “novella” and throw it on Kindle and see what happens.  I really do enjoy writing.  But I have one problem when it does come to writing.

I have nothing worth writing about.  I read a couple of blogs that post stories from their lives.  My life is pretty boring.  I read a couple that post about stupid things or people.  I could write about that stuff that annoys me, except I don’t really hold on to my anger.  So unless someone pisses me off while I’m sitting on my laptop at home, it probably won’t happen.  I do a lot of my thinking while at work.  I’ve done my job long enough that I can do most of it without even thinking so my mind tends to wander.  So this is when that idea hits me, oh, I should blog about that.  And I’ll even compose it in my head for awhile.  But then I get off work, pick up kids or head home, shower or do whatever and the thought is gone.  I’ve made notes for myself so I’ll remember to write about it, but by the time I get around to writing it, I’ve lost the passion for the subject and usually I’m just not in the mood to put it to paper, so to speak.

So essentially, my issue is, I lead way to boring of a life to write.  I have no imagination to come up with original content.  My mom will attest to that, she’s always trying to get me out of my PJ’s and off the couch into the real world.  Maybe I just need to get out there and do something.  Nah, that doesn’t interest me.  Only thing I really enjoy, are sports and family.  Most family don’t want to be written about and I already have a place to write about sports.  Besides, let’s face it, I have no followers to this blog anyways.  So why write if nobody is going to read it.  Most of my page views are the few links I post on my Facebook or Twitter.  I tell you what, if I get more than 10 page views, then I’ll try to write something.  If you have an idea about what I should write about, leave a comment.  Better yet, follow the blog over there to the right or at the top left.  So I know somebody is out there.

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