Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who was that guy?

I was at work earlier this week, and was walking towards a guy that they brought in to work on the chillers.  I realize most of you don't know what a chiller is, but its really not that important.  Point is, he doesn't work where I do, he's hired in to work on machinery.

As I approach him, I do the obligatory nod and say hey.  He says "hey Jeff, how's it going?" "I'm good, how about yourself?"  Of course, in my head, I'm thinking who the hell is this guy? How do I know him? He doesn't look familiar to me. How does he know my name?  He responds "not too bad" and we continue to walk away from each other.  And I was still at a loss for a bit when it suddenly hit me, now I know where he got my name.


Dumb ass.

So I’m thinking, when I see someone with their name on their shirt.  I’m going to start talking to them and call them by name.  Just to screw with them.


  1. I did that once and it was pretty funny when the guy said to me who the hell is JOE ?? I said it says JOE on your jacket and he laughed and said his wife bought him that jacket from the goodwill but she forgot to take off the patch with JOE on his jacket. We both joke about it especially when I call his house asking for JOE and his wife is like who the hell is JOE and he picks up the phone laughing.

    His wife doesn't think it is that funny and she usually like rolling her eyes at us and probably calling us dumb or something like that.

    1. I seriously thought I should know the guy since he knew my name. I felt bad that I didn't remember him. But worse, I felt like such an idiot when I figured it out.