Sunday, February 26, 2012

Frustrating Saturday

I love technology.  But nothing frustrates me more, then when it doesn’t work.  I have all the patience in the world when I need it.  But if you’re an inanimate object, you better do what your supposed to do.  Or your liable to get thrown out of a moving car.

So yesterday, I had to take my daughter to her “World Thinking Day” project at the Salvation Army in Goshen.  Now I know Goshen a little bit, but not that well.  So I figured, once I got there, I would load up the address and use the navigation to get me there.  So we got a late start so you know I was already frustrated.  It was my fault we were late so I wasn’t pissed at anyone but myself.  But you know how when your in a hurry, everybody drives slow, you hit every freaking red light. AAAHHHH.

Well, we finally are heading into town.  So I break out my phone and type in Salvation Army on the navigation.  It comes up saying searching for directions.  Problem is, it never left that screen.  For a few minutes it was like that so I exited the screen.  Went to Google, and typed in Salvation Army, Goshen, IN. and hit the search button.  It kept spinning, and spinning.  WTF?  I was getting pissed.  I’m already downtown by now, so I know I’ve probably passed it.  So I drive up and down on Main st. because I remember it being on Main.  Up and down, back and forth.  Trying to figure out which side of Main st. it is. I need North Main but all the signs say South Main.  I know, then go North right.  Well, the problem with that was, the damn road ran East/West.

At this point, I’m already half an hour late.  I’m to the point where I want to throw my phone out the window.  I take a chance and turn my phone off, then back on.  Still nothing.  What good is a 4G phone if the damn data isn’t working.  I could text and call, but no data, which means no internet.  I keep driving back and forth a few more times and then I hear the Ebay tone go off.  I grab my phone and sure enough, my data is back.  So I GPS the address, and I go in a big circle to get back to where it is.

And to sum up why driving up and down South Main, looking for North Main didn’t work.  Apparently I got to North Main but didn’t know it.  But I didn’t go far enough on North Main because apparently the road changes.  Look.

1013 n main goshen, in - Google Maps

Notice the N Main St. at the bottom, and see how it goes around the corner and turns into Middlebury St.  But at the top N Main St. continues on.  Somehow, I’m supposed to know that I was supposed to turn on that little side street to continue on to Main St.  Stupid Goshen, no wonder I never go there.

Had my GPS worked I would have gotten into town, turned left on 15, which turned into North Main and bam I would have been there.

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