Monday, December 16, 2013

Randomness #21

I just realized it’s been over 2 weeks since I posted something that wasn’t a weekly meme.  I suck, but nobody really reads this anyways.  To prove it, I’ll admit to something I did this week.  I kind of started writing a book.  Only 4 chapters, but I did start one.  I also have a few ideas for other books but taking the time to write them will be the issue.

I get about 100 pageviews a day, but I know most of those go to a certain post that has pictures of woman on it.  I regret copying that over to my blog.  I would delete it but at least with a 100 page views, I feel like someone is listening, even if they aren’t.

At this point, I’m just trying to get through this long work week because next week I only have to work 1 day.  Oh yeah, it’s also Christmas.  I’m excited to see how happy the kids will be when they open their new tablets.  They are just cheapies, but it’ll be their first big test for electronics for them.  Trevor will probably just play video games on it, Samantha will be the one I have to keep an eye on.  I already have the tablets set up that I get an email every time they download an app.  I’m a little worried about them having access to the internet but they are both good kids and I don’t think either of them would do anything they weren’t supposed to but I’ll keep an eye on them regardless.

Cheri's Creations

Cheri went to town the last month or so making treats to sell at the kids school system for the girl’s basketball team.  We set up a table at the arts and crafts show and tried to sell what she made.  Everybody loved the stuff but we didn’t sell as much as we thought we would.  Of course, Cheri went way overboard with everything she made but she made some awesome treats.  We did come out ahead with what she sold but a lot was due to our family buying stuff.  I had fun helping her sell it though (don’t tell her).  We spent the whole morning setting up, selling, and tearing down.  You can check out her treats on her Facebook page, check out the photos and be sure to like it while you’re there.

I haven’t posted about theEx or the JackAss recently.  That’s mainly because he has finally given up harassing us.  That might have to do with all his medical issues or as we call it, karma.  He has been going from hospitals to nursing homes.  I’m not going into all that because to be honest, I just don’t care.  TheEx on the other hand has gone from living in her duplex, to living with her mother, now they are staying at a hotel and supposedly getting ready to move into a rental farm house.  But what really annoys me is they are taking advantage of their church.  The kids have gotten clothes and food from them, and now, I hear, they are furnishing her new house.  Meanwhile, every time the kids are over at her place for the weekend, they go out to eat.  They had Golden Corral on their way home after the church delivered their furniture.  There is a reason we don’t go out much with the kids, it’s expensive for 4 people to eat out.  But I guess since she only pays $27/week child support, she can afford it.  As far as we go, they’ve annoyed us here and there.  Mainly not giving Trevor his pills over the weekends but I’ve complained about that here before.

I’ve been thinking about cutting the cord as it’s called.  Ditching cable and just going with Netflix and Hulu+ to watch all my TV.  When I came home, I was leaning towards ditching it, but after getting on Hulu and checking out what all is there, I’m leaning on keeping cable.  There are a lot of shows that I watch that weren’t listed or that I had to watch on another site.  So right now, the convenience of just checking the DVR is winning out over having to keep track of everything I watch and what website I watch it on.  Which really sucks because it would have save me a fortune.  Of course, my mom and brother would have to take me in every Saturday during the Michigan football season, but they won’t mind.  If they do, I have keys to both their houses and I know when they work.

Hulu does have a free week with sign up so maybe I’ll check it out next week and see.

I guess that’s about all for now, I’m in the middle of my 5 day work week and at 12 hour days, I don’t know how much I’ll be on this week.  But like I said in the top paragraph, nobody reads this anyways so you won’t notice.

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