Monday, February 6, 2023

This Week - Journal

Monday (January 30th)

Nothing special today at work. My whole crew was back, hopefully it will stay that way. The bosses boss wasn't there so that was nice but he'll be back tomorrow.

Ran to the card shop after work and dropped off the boxes he gave me to sort and picked up another. I came home and went to work on my cards as I want to finish them before I start the shops.

Tuesday (January 31st)

Not a whole lot going on at work. We're trying to convince the plant manager to bring back 3rd shift next week. Our report is getting redder and redder by the way.

Came home and finished logging and scanning my cards then we headed out to Wendy's for supper.

Wednesday (February 1st)

Work was work. They finally decided to bring 3rd shift back now that we're buried. Well, the department before ours is buried, us not so much but we will be.

Thursday (February 2nd)

This section is getting smaller and smaller as I don't have much to talk about other than work and I only want to say so much on here about work.

I finished the box from F&G but I still have to go through the White Sox before I organize the rest of the stuff I pulled.

Friday (February 3rd)

I hit my 40 hours at 11:30 so I got out of work early. On my way home, Cheri called and during the conversation, I volunteered to run by Walmart and grab our groceries. I was then going to go to the pharmacy but while I was waiting for our groceries to come out to the car, I looked up the local garden center to see their hours and they closed in half an hour. Once I got my groceries, I ran out to the garden center, thinking I'd have to drive back by Walmart to go home and I'll get my drugs then. Once I left the garden center, I realized I needed to get a birthday card for my mom so I ran to Walgreens to get the card because I would rather run out of my way, go into Walgreens and go back to Walmart then to go in to Walmart to get a card. I hate that place.

Came home to the house by myself, went downstairs and worked on cards but since no one was home, I turned my music up and jammed to some tunes.

Saturday (February 4th)

Got up this morning, at 7:30. It was so nice not to have to get up super early to go to show. We set up in South Bend which was only a 20 minute drive from home. Although I had to go to his house first which means I had to help unload the car.

It was a good show people wise, it got really busy for about a 2 hour stretch but it wasn't one of our best shows. We did alright, probably better than most but it was lower than what you usually do.

Sunday (February 5th)

Got up around 8:30 and headed downstairs to work on the new cards I've gotten. I've thought about using my personal Instagram for cards but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. I may even start a new one, I haven't decided.

We went over to my mom's to celebrate her 71st birthday. It was actually on the 1st but we got together for lasagna, as we do every year. It was good. I got to watch the ending of the Ohio/Michigan game so that was good too.

I'm on my own for supper tonight which probably means I won't eat. It's not like I can't lose the weight. I got in the scale but I forgot until I was dressed so it wasn't accurate, I didn't ever record it.

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