Friday, February 10, 2023

This Week - Food

Saturday (February 4th)

We were set up at a show and I had my son bring us some food. Other than it being cold (due to my son) it was good. It was the first time I've had burgers at Burger King in awhile. Usually I have breakfast there anymore.

Tuesday (February 7th)

Went and grabbed some breakfast as I usually do twice a month. I ordered the usual, a croissanwich meal with an extra hashbrown. The extra hashbrown must have thrown them off because they gave me a sandwich to go with it. Bonus. I gave it to Ward.

Wednesday (February 9th)

We were out and about so we hit Sonic for supper. I tried the new Steak and Cheese thingy. It was good but it needed more meat, it was all bread. I feel like it would have been really good if it had more meat to match the bread. Cheri got her usual and it was good.

Friday (February 10th)

We drove out to the Granger Culver's for supper. Everything was good, except for the lack of Mountain Dew but that wasn't their fault, it was the corporations. It was good to have their fries and cheese again. Yummy!

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