Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week #13 of 2016

I actually had a good week, walking wise that is. I went walking after work on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. I got over 8,000 steps (my daily goal) every work day this week. Monday was a nice day so I headed out after work. Tuesday was chilly and windy so I opted out. Wednesday was nice again so I went but on Thursday, it was chilly and windy but I had to take my car in to get looked at and rather then just sitting in the lounge waiting, I brought my walking stuff, dropped off the car and went for a walk. The route I picked ended up being 2.4 miles (I usually walk a little over 2 miles). It kicked my ass but it wasn't the extra mileage, it was using a sidewalk and for part of it, I had to walk through grass and avoid water areas. The concrete they use on the sidewalks doesn't agree with my shin splints. I seem to do ok on asphalt or whatever else roads are made of, but the sidewalks didn't agree with me.

On Friday, I had to stay after work because the 2nd shift guy didn't show up, plus it was chilly again so once again I opted out. Saturday, however, was sunny and in the 60's but we know I never walk on Saturday. I decided to get my ass out there and go. I walked down to my mom's house, which ended up being 2.7 miles. She then drove me home since I had to go pick up the kids and she was heading towards my house anyways.

Since yesterday ended up being 2.7 miles, I decided to up it today and walked a 3 mile route. I had to walk past my house about 100 feet and back just to get the 3 miles but I got it. I haven't decided if I'm going to stick to the 2 miles after work or do the 3. I'm definitely doing the 3 on days I don't work but since I get so many steps at work, I may only do the 2 on those days.

Day 89 (Madison, WI) - 290.2 Miles

With my 3 mile walk today, that should put me where I wanted to walk by in Madison tomorrow, so maybe I'll even get a post out.

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Apparently I didn't tweet so much this week.

My wife hates being called that so you know I'm going to teach them. I already told the 2 kids that live with me and told the oldest daughter and they all agreed to teach their kids to call her that.

58,336 steps isn't the most I've ever had in a week but it's been a long time since I've had that many. We'll see if I can't beat it this week.

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  1. You did great! I hope to reach that this coming week, if the weather cooperates!