Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week #12 of 2017

I'm blaming the fact that I worked over 60 hours this week for not posting any. It's probably not true but it's a legitimate excuse. Just don't let anyone in my family know that I complained about all those hours because my brother averages that every week and I get no sympathy, they just compare my normal week to his. In case you haven't read my tweets in the last couple of weeks, he's the better brother.

My hours will go back to normal next week. We had inventory on Friday and Saturday. For some reason, we had to work 10 hours on Monday and Tuesday to "prepare" for inventory. I was supposed to work normal hours Wednesday but the 2nd shift guy called in so I stayed over. Normal hours on Thursday, then Friday was scheduled 12 hours and Saturday they didn't let me go home until 13 1/2 hours later. Most of that time was sitting on my ass but it still wasn't very relaxing.

Day 83 (Lake Mills, WI - 257.5 Miles)
I'm out in the middle of nowhere so not much going on. It's finally warmed up to the 60's and 70's but it's been raining. Also, I worked a lot so not much extra walking last week. Hopefully, next week I'll be able to go walking after work and make up all those weekends. At least I only have to make up one day this weekend since I worked yesterday.

This was posted to my Random Thoughts Facebook page.


That win was nice, but it was the last one.

I swear I forget something every Monday. Either my biscuit or silverware for my lunch.

I don't care if we lost, you always have to represent. Although, that hat is now gone. Someone stole it Friday night because I leave it at work. It was a ratty work hat so I'm not sure why someone wanted it.

I thought it was funny.

I support pretty much everything that has to do with the Wolverines.

He's usually hiding in his room all evening but he was out here talking our ear off.

They fuck you in the drive-thru

Heard it again, I wonder if there will be a week that I don't hear it.

Ignore that 54 floors, it's never right. It's usually to low but one day said I had 20 some floors and it was my normal day where I get 5 to 7.

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