Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My son

My son and I don't have much in common, very little at that. We share a middle name and that's about it. He's 12 and his interests are video games, YouTube and reading, in that order. He plays video games so much that we have had to set time limits because otherwise he'd play them 24/7. What's worse is it's really only one game, Minecraft. Now when I say he's obsessed about the game, let me explain. Remember those 3 things I listed as his interests? Video games (obviously, Minecraft), YouTube (he watches other people play Minecraft) and Books (Not all, but some Minecraft here as well.) There's been times when he comes out of his room and I say "What'cha up to?" He says "listening to music." At first I'm shocked, because that would be one of my interests so I ask "what'cha listening to?" His reponse, "Minecraft music."  Ahhhh

He has been getting into Pokemon Go as well now. At least it's something different. It gets him out of the house as well. His friends will come over and they go Pokemon hunting. They used to just stay in the neighborhood but they have ventured further. There is a church and school down the road and they have been walking down to it because it has Poke stops. Yeah, I don't really know what that means but he's out of his room so I can't complain to much.

He came home the other day from one of his hunting trips and I stopped him and we actually talked a bit about Pokemon Go. I started making comparisons to what I do a lot of, collecting (organizing) my baseball cards. That's one of the first times he seemed to "get me" and I understood some of the game, or at least the collecting part of it. It was a little bonding, at least as much as I've had with him so I count that as a positive.

Since this post is about him, I'll throw out a couple of Tweets I posted this week about him.

Apparently he needs re-taught how to do his laundry.

This happened at the end of our bonding talk. It made me laugh.

Day 50, Zion, IL (154.6 Miles)
As you can see, I'm still in Illinois. That's partly because we just came off the weekend which as you know, means I didn't do much of anything. 

I'm currently in Zion, I haven't seen much as far as anything spectacular to show you, I'm right outside a church at the moment. I'm still fairly close to the lake, a little more over a mile and I plan on following North for awhile before heading west.

I had fairly big day yesterday, I came home with around 7,000 or 8,000 steps and it was so nice out (mid 60's) that I decided to take the dog for a walk and added another 5,000 or 6.000 steps. I ended up with over 12,000 steps for the day. I had planned on going for another walk today, but I ran by my mom's after work and hung out for awhile. By the time I got home I didn't feel like going. Maybe tomorrow, maybe not.

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