Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day? Is it Really?

I've been battling a little bug for a couple of days. That;s not an excuse for not walking much this weekend, because I rarely do anyways. Technically, I didn't get sick until yesterday so it's definitely not an excuse for Saturday.

I got an early Valentine's day gift from Spotify last night. I was checking my email and they sent one saying they added Prince's music. There are a few artist who refuse to put their music on streaming services, and one (that I know of) that took hers off. Generally, I try to find some cover bands and hope they are at least close to the original. I did that with the Beatles, Garth Brooks and AC/DC off the top of my head. The Beatles and AC/DC have since added theirs, I'm still waiting on Garth Brooks because I love his double live album and I would probably add most every song to my playlist. The artist who took her music off was Taylor Swift, I never heard an official reason, just rumors. I heard that she was trying for the all-time album sales, my guess is she's taking some kind of stand. She likes to do that. Anyways, back to the subject. I never went to find cover songs of Prince because I figured his music was just to hard to duplicate. Well, a couple of weekends ago, after hearing one of his songs on the 80's music channel on the TV, I took a shot at it and only found a couple that were decent. Mainly the 80's ones but I really liked some of his 90's stuff as well. I probably spent 2 hours trying to find songs. Had I only waited a couple of more weeks, I could have just added his songs.

I was excited when I went to bed and told my wife that I can't wait till the first Prince song comes up. The playlist I listen to has 2,841 songs so it could have been months before I heard one, really, it's on random so I could never hear one. I got in the car this morning, hit play on the song I last left on, it finished and was followed by, you guessed it, a Prince song. Kiss to be exact.

I figured I must be living right because on top of that, you all know what today is?

You thought I was going to say Valentine's day didn't you? Valentine's day doesn't mean much in this house, we share the love everyday, we don't need a specific day to celebrate. Of course, nobody in this house loves baseball but me but their opinions don't matter.

Day 43, Highland Park, IL - (135.6 Miles)
As I said above, I didn't do much this weekend but I did get 10,000 steps yesterday. I'm out of Chicago but it still feels like kind of a suburb of it. A rich one at that, lots of big houses and golf courses. I'm basically heading for Milwaukee as I don't really know where else to go. I'm sure it'll take me awhile, unless I actually start going outside and walking when I get home from work. Otherwise, it'll take me over a month (probably).

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