Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I got soaked

I woke up to thunderstorms this morning, it was raining pretty hard all the way to work. So when I get out of the car to head into work, I put my glasses (I wear prescription safety glasses to work) in my hoodie pocket so I don't have to wipe them off. Problem is, I'm blind as a bat. I'm walking up to the building and I hear splashing so I look down and there is a small river flowing towards the building and I'm walking in it, so I move over to the left, closer to the cars where it's not flowing. It is all flowing towards the drain by the fence. So I keep walking and the next thing I know I not only hear splashing again, I can feel the water on my feet. I walked right into a huge puddle that was a few inches deep and my feet got soaked. I never thought to look for a flood because the drain has never backed up before. I think it got backed up just because it was raining so hard and coming so fast that it just couldn't keep up. So basically, I get punished by having to wear soaking wet socks all day. I explained what happened to my boss and she actually got permission for me to run home and change socks but I didn't really see the point when I just had to put my wet, steel toed shoes on again. It felt so good to peel them off when I got home.

37 days, Chicago, IL (114.8 miles)
I only went about half a mile on Sunday so I didn't bother posting. I did walk my Buckingham Fountain though.

Yesterday, however, I walked 4.5 miles and pretty much walked myself out of downtown. We'll start at just after the fountain. As a matter of fact, I made the next left and headed downtown to see some sites that I always enjoy to go to when I'm in Chicago. I walked down to Willis Tower (used to be Sears Tower), it's now the 2nd tallest building in the US. Back when I last went up it, it was the 1st but that was many, many years ago. I really need to go back up, last time we were there, it was really foggy and would have been pointless to go to the observation deck (103rd floor). We did stand at the bottom, up against the building and look straight up which is something we always do, you should try it.

I left there and headed back East to Michigan ave. On the corner of where I turned on to Michigan ave, I ran into this.

The Art Institute of Chicago, in my mind, it's more famous for the lion statues on the outside. When I hit this building, I turned left and headed for downtown but made a stop at what we call the Bean. Technically, it's called the Cloud Gate.  

It's one of the many sculptures in Chicago but this one is cool because it looks like liquid metal and it reflects everything.

I continue on to downtown, or what is known as the Magnificent Mile which we pretty much hit anytime we are in Chicago. It's the upscale section of Chicago and has a ton of shopping. It's really great in the winter when they all have their Christmas window ads going.

I like to visit the Water Tower as well when in Chicago.

This was built in 1869 and was one of the few structures to actually survive the great Chicago fire. It used to be a water pumping station but I don't believe it's used for that anymore. It's right downtown and looks out of the place but as you can see, it just looks cool.

As I headed out of town, I ran by the John Hancock building as well, just to say I did. Originally, it was the 2nd tallest building in the US but is now the 8th tallest in the US and oddly enough is the 4th tallest building in Chicago.

That's most of my stops in Chicago, I do have one more to go by and may possibly hit it tomorrow but I'm finished with downtown. Any suggestions as to where I should head to next? Where ever I go, it won't be as in depth as this was because I know and love Chicago, from hear on out, I won't know anyplace all that well.

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