Saturday, February 4, 2017

Day 34, Comiskey Park

My usual Saturday consists of sitting on my ass all day, usually getting myself less than 1,000 steps for the day. To be honest, there are some weekends that I don't get 1,000 steps combined. Today, however, was a little different. I did do my best to stay on my ass throughout the morning but we ended up leaving the house after 3 pm and ran down to Walmart to pick up a few things, pop tarts, make-up, dog stuff. Just a few things, but it did get me out of the house for awhile. After that we went over to my mom's for her Birthday party, we also celebrated my niece's and stepfathers. We hung out there for awhile, had some supper then cake and ice cream and then we had to leave because my daughter had her first high school dance this evening and she had to get home and get ready.

My little girl is growing up. She didn't have a date, she was going with a few of her friends and they were all going to hang out together. It was very odd to see her in a form fitting dress, really, just odd seeing her in a dress. She generally wears jeans and t-shirts. A lot of those t-shirts are concert tee's like Slipknot and Disturbed or she'll wear Deadpool and Suicide Squad t-shirts (you can tell who raised her.) So seeing her in a very nice dress with a little bit of heal was way weird. She's a beautiful girl and it was nice seeing her making an effort to look nice. Of course, the dad in me is saying, NO! Stick to baggy t-shirts and jeans, I'm okay with that. My little girl is growing up and I'm not liking it. Except for the fact that I get another year closer to no kids at home. I'm not sure I like that trade off though.

After she got ready, I picked up one of her friends and drove them to the school, now I just sit and wait until they get home. It didn't start until 8 and isn't over until 11 and one of the other parents is going to drive them somewhere to get something to eat. The plan is to stay up until she gets home, it's a father's duty. Let's just see if I can manage to stay up that late. At least it's the weekend and I can sleep in.

Day 34, Chicago, IL (103.7 Miles)
As you can see above, I broke the 100 mile marker today. I originally planned on 1500 steps this year but at the average of 100 miles in a little over a month isn't going to cut it.

As I said yesterday, I was only a mile from what I wanted to go by so after plotting my 5.54 miles (11,230 steps) that I did yesterday, I went back and took photos of what I wanted to see. I'm a White Sox fan so I go to games every so often and when I do I have a routine. Here's the full map.

Ignore the name on the stadium up there to the right, I hate that name. I will always call it Comiskey. You see the big lot on the other side of the tracks and the other side of the road (35th), that's where I park. Usually fairly close to 35th street because I get there early enough to go strolling the neighborhood.

You see where the parking lot (Lot G) is from the stadium. A fairly quick walk under the underpass where the tracks are but that's not where we start. I park in Lot G and head the other way.

That's the lot at the top left of that picture and I walk down to the Grandstand at the bottom left.

The Grandstand is a sports store as in lots of shirts, jerseys, memorabilia, ect. and since it's only a couple of blocks from the Sox stadium so they have a ton of White Sox stuff. Since it's not the stadium, their stuff is cheaper because they overprice everything at the stadium. 

After I do a little shopping, I keep heading west down to Morrie O'Malley's there at the bottom right.

It doesn't look like much, there isn't but a couple of seats inside but they have great hot dogs or better yet, Chicago dogs and I said earlier, a lot cheaper than the stadium. I pig out so I don't have to spend much, if anything at the stadium. After eating, I head back to the car and drop off my shopping from the Grandstand and then head to the game.

I'm definitely enjoying using Google Maps, this was fun.

Since I actually walked over 5 1/2 miles yesterday, I walked all the way down to the hot dog place hung a right went down a couple of blocks and walked all the way back to Lake Shore Drive and I headed North towards downtown. I'm still a little ways from downtown but I can see it.

I headed back to Lake Shore because there are all kinds of stuff to see on the way into town. Of course, I doubt you'll see it this weekend since I'm lazy, but maybe next week.

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