Thursday, February 2, 2017

It's My Kind of Town

I didn't get around to posting yesterday because I got busy logging in my cards. So today, I'm posting first so I don't forget.

My forklift is still down, although yesterday, I still drove it without brakes when I needed it. Today, I got to work and their was floor dry all over the place. Apparently the 3rd shift girl was loading a truck and it just started leaking all over the place. So needless to say, I had no forklift today. I use the 2nd shifts forklift until 9 when he gets there so I get a few hours before I'm on my feet. I was doing pretty good on steps, but then we had a plant meeting the last hour of the day so I sat on my ass until it was time to go. They are supposed to be in to fix it tomorrow but we'll see what time they actually make it in.

I met Cheri at our insurance agent for a meeting. They had sent us a letter saying that we didn't have mortgage protection and we were pretty sure we did but we went ahead and made an appointment to talk to him. When he starts going into his spiel, we figured out, he didn't mean mortgage insurance like what we have on our homeowners insurance, it was more or less, a life insurance, only they charged more. We let him finish his pitch then bowed out and headed home.

Since we were out, and I needed some more steps, we ran to the grocery store and got this weeks groceries so Cheri doesn't have to go tomorrow morning. That helped out, I'm still not at 10k for the day but I'm close.

Day 32, Chicago, IL (93.4 miles)
I'm on Lake Shore Dr which, if you know Chicago, follows the lake. Of course, the spot I stopped at doesn't have any lake views, it's obstructed by trees. I have a few places that I'm going to go by but I figured while I'm heading into town, I might as well take the scenic route. Maybe tomorrow you'll get to see a lake view.

See, no lake view. I'm still South of town, working my way North so you'll probably get Chicago for a couple of days.

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