Monday, February 1, 2016

Fitbit day #1

As I mentioned yesterday, I bought a Fitbit and am now tracking myself, not that I wasn't before with my phone but this is supposed to be more accurate. If you read yesterday's post then you know it came in the morning and I had to charge it so I didn't put it on until around 11 am when my brother picked me up.

Guess you can't really see the graph all that well, I think if you click it that it will get bigger. You can see I took 2508 steps which is apparently equivalent to 1.23 miles. That's a lot for me on the weekend. When I tracked my steps on my phone, there were a lot of weekend days where I wouldn't even break a couple of hundred but if you read my post yesterday, you know that I didn't just sit at home all day which is what I usually do.

My sleep efficiency is 81%, woo hoo! Actually, I have no idea if that's good or bad, I guess it sounds good.

  • The time to fall asleep is wrong, it didn't take me long but I didn't fall asleep immediately. 
  • The went to bed time is correct, I tend to stay up to late on Sunday nights since I stay up a little later on the weekends. 
  • The awake times is correct, I didn't wake up at all. 
  • The 6x restless sleep is technically wrong because that first pink mark, I was still awake which would be why the time to fall asleep was wrong as well. On the website, you can put your cursor on the pink spots on the timeline and it tells you exactly from what time to what time you were restless.
  • I was in bed for 5 hrs and 13 mins is correct, I guess and you subtract the restless sleep from that to get your actual sleep time.
  • 4 hrs and 4 mins, which I guess explains why when I come home and plop in the recliner, I tend to fall asleep for a quick nap.
Don't worry, I won't go through every line on every day, I just wanted to go through all the features. I was pretty impressed that it keeps this data so well. There's a few other things it does, which you'll see tomorrow when I go over today. 

So far, I'm happy with this purchase. If you know me, you know I love my stats. Don't think I haven't noticed that my first full day wearing the Fitbit is also the first day of the month. Coincidence? I think not.

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