Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Another no-show at work

I'm going to try to do this day of instead of day after, it just seems more normal. You'll miss out on a few steps in the evening but it's usually just getting ready for bed, potty breaks or going to the kitchen for snacks. 

I got up and actually remembered to set the trash out at the curb. I know eventually I will forget to set it out in the morning considering I don't do a whole lot of thinking in the mornings. That's why I have a routine, so I don't forget anything. Occasionally, I take a frozen breakfast sandwich to work for my first break, and Cheri has to put a note on my lunchbox to grab it otherwise I will forget. My leftovers, yogurt and snacks are all in the same spot in the fridge so I automatically go to that and I grab the OJ but if I need to grab something from the freezer, I have to be reminded.

The 3rd shift girl called in (attendance has been horrible in the shipping department since the start of the year, myself included but I'm pretty sure, I'm the only one who was actually sick) so when I got there, I had to get all the local stuff together. The other guy helped so we knocked it out pretty quick but the driver had to wait on us because he comes in early and it's usually already put together. I had a big order for our top customer to get together before noon, I think it ended up being 50 something skids but the nice thing about this customer, is all the stuff they order comes down to shipping already packaged up so when I get loads for them together, it's more forklift driving then walking and pulling parts together so I'm sure my step count will be lower. I didn't get it done until almost noon as it was so I finished it up and headed off to lunch.

I finished the book I was reading at lunch today. It was actually pretty good. Since I tend to only read free E-books that isn't always the case. They are rarely duds but they aren't always great. This one was a little different than my normal books, it was about 2 groups of immortals (good and bad groups) and a girl who just found out she belonged to them. They all have special abilities as well so the story kept moving along. It was nice because I finished the book right at the end of my break. I hate it when I finish it at the beginning because I don't want to start a book for 10 minutes then not read again until my morning break the next day. Tomorrow, I'll get to start fresh with the following book.

I'm such a child though because the title makes me giggle. I think it's kind of a hacker takes over the world kind of thing so nothing technology related works including banks so it's not necessarily apocalyptic like my usual reads but it still sounded good.

I didn't do anything after work today, I was a slacker. I did come home to all the roman shades and curtains put up because they all came in the mail yesterday so Cheri was busy. We also think the washer took a crap on us already. Luckily, it's one they left with the house and we have a washer and dryer at my brothers that he was storing while we were at the apartment so hopefully he'll be able to help me move it in the next few days.

I worked on my cards this afternoon and am finishing my evening trying to get through my Feedly again, I'm slowly getting behind again all while watching the DVR. A nice relaxing evening.

Starting tomorrow, I'll do the sleep section first as it will be the start of the day on day of posts as opposed to the end of the day when I post the next day. Did you follow all that?

As you can see, I didn't get the steps that I did yesterday which is what I figured would happen. Although the 2 floors it says I did today was BS. I know I went up to the group leaders office 4 or 5 times, let alone I was climbing on shelves again so it didn't do a good job with that. I feel like it gypped me out of at least 5 floors. I hope it just had a bad day and it's not usually that far off.

I'm heading off to bed soon, probably when this show is over. 5:15 comes awfully early, especially when you sleep like crap.

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