Thursday, February 4, 2016

Snoozing, on a Thursday afternoon

I got another phone call from the school on my way to work, for the 2nd day in a row there was another 2 hour delay. Yesterday it was because of fog, now I leave at 5:30 in the morning and the fog wasn't that bad. I can understand delaying school if you can't see 5 feet in front of you but like I said, it wasn't that bad. This morning it was because it rained most of the day yesterday and it got chilly last night and froze over. The neighborhood was completely iced over and slick but once I got out on the main roads they were fine. I'm guessing that both delays were due to the fact that a lot of the school district is rural roads.

I stayed busy at work but that was mainly because the 3rd shift girl didn't really do the job she's supposed to do and decided to do other things. Which was fine because it was the kind of orders that required me to be on the forklift more then pulling parts again. Between taking care of those customers orders and loading the usual morning trucks on Thursday (our busiest morning in regards to trucks), I didn't really finish her stuff until almost 11:30. Then I had to gather a few customer pickups that took most of my afternoon. What sucked was most of that was outside and it wasn't really nice out.

Came home and haven't done a damn thing but nap and watch TV. The Ex has asked to take the kids out for supper tomorrow. That will be only be the 2nd time since Christmas that they have seen her. Or rather, Samantha has seen her twice, this will be the first time Trevor hangs out with her. That is mainly due to the fact that her husband is in the hospital again and the kids still refuse to be around him.

Another very active night, I'm wondering if I need to change the setting on my Fitbit. I had it set for a heavy sleep because I generally am, but on that setting, it's more sensitive. I do remember waking up once because I was on my back again but I rolled over and went back to sleep so why it says 8 times is beyond me. I'm going to change the setting for tonight and see what transpires.

I told you I snoozed this afternoon. I started off in the recliner and then some of Trevor's friends came to the door so I got woken up. I notice Cheri had disappeared to the bedroom so I crawled into bed and we had an afternoon nap until her alarm went off for her to start getting supper together.

I'm pretty much on pace with yesterday, I guess my average workday is going to be around 6000 to 7000 steps, once in awhile I'll get higher but I get the feeling it'll stick around there. I really need to get out walking after work, on the couple of days it's been decent enough to I just didn't feel like it and now it's just to freaking cold. You can also verify what I told you earlier, I didn't do crap when I got home.

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  1. I don't have a fitbit yet....although I'm still thinking about it, I still haven't decided. One thing I do know is that I wouldn't appreciate having that info on sleeping patterns...unless I was experimenting with different bed times, or trying to decide if I should skip that coffee after dinner!

    1. Now that I've got the Fitbit settings where they should be, the sleep patterns don't vary much. Most nights I won't need it but there are some mornings that I wake up a lot more tired than I think I should be and it will be interesting to see if I was moving around a lot or not.