Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fitbit Day #2, aka Monday

I had a typical Monday other than I had only worked a day and a half in the last week so I was expecting to get sore. It ended up being a better than average Monday but that was mainly because this was the first day in over a week that I felt good, no cramping, no running for the toilet. I was still popping Immodium so I don't know if it's that or maybe I'm cured, finally.

I stayed pretty busy at work, which always makes the day go faster but I don't remember anything special happening. I don't generally go into things that happen at work anyways but I may time to time.

I came home and just after the girls (Samantha has a friend living with us) got home, Samantha left to walk to meet her friend who was coming over and lives in the neighborhood next to ours. It was the first time she had hung out with her since we moved. I figured that she would spend more time with her since we moved so close but I think having another friend living with us has cut into her time with other friends. That was a concern of ours when we allowed her to move in, she claims it's because we haven't brought her bike over from my mom's yet so we'll see. She did have one other friend spend the night so I guess I shouldn't be to worried and both of the girls are in the same friend circle that I know of so it definitely shouldn't be a problem that she lives here.

Trevor actually had a friend come over and take him for a ride on his 4 wheeler. We were honestly shocked that he went since he's afraid of everything but when he came back, he said he had fun. It would be nice if they continue to stop by and ask if he wants to go with them.

Those previous 2 paragraphs were a big reason why we wanted a house. So the kids would have a neighborhood to play in. I'm hoping once spring rolls around and it's warmer out that they will spend more time outside. I might have to force Trevor to, possibly both just to get them away from their video games and laptops.

As you can tell above, my step count goes way up when I work. Technically, I'm a forklift driver but I still walk around a bit filling orders to ship out. My normal work day is from 6 to 2:30, as you can tell above, that's where the majority of my steps come from. That gap from work to after 4 it didn't register any steps because I put it on the charger while I was showering and chilled in the recliner for a bit. That next burst of steps is when I drove Samantha's friend home. The next burst is when I went over to my mom's to help my stepdad carry a couch upstairs, then I stood around and talked for a little bit.

After I got home, I chilled in the recliner while we were catching up on the DVR. Do you see that gap between 8 and 10 pm? I was in my recliner and on my laptop but apparently I didn't move much because the Fitbit actually had me recorded as sleeping, but not a very restful sleep so it must have recorded a little movement. I have since learned how to delete those times it says I'm sleeping and I'm not.

You can also see where I walked up 5 floors. The Fitbit tracks when you go up, it has an altimeter so if you go up for more the 10 feet, it counts it as a floor. I do go up some stairs at work, the shipping office is upstairs. I usually try to hold out and turn all my paperwork at once so I don't go up the stairs constantly. I suppose I should quit trying to avoid them, Lord knows I can use the exercise.

Yeah, I stayed up way to late again. I don't really have a reason, I just wasn't really all that tired. I'm paying for it today, it's probably going to record me sleeping in the recliner again. You can see how restless I was all night, especially after my wife came to bed around 3:15. I do remember waking up a bunch but I didn't stay awake long so I knew my restless count was going to be high so that wasn't a surprise. Maybe I'll go to bed at a decent hour tonight, maybe.

I did get my first badge yesterday. Although I'm pretty sure it's nothing special, it's more because I'm new and haven't set any other records yet.

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