Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekend update

On Tuesday, if you read my blog, I mentioned that I wasn't feeling well so we'll start with an update there. Technically, I'm still sick but I've learned how to control it to a degree. I still wake up having to go pretty bad, sometimes twice, but I've figured out that if I take a couple of Immodium when I get up, after an hour or so, I don't have to go anymore and have very few cramps, in other words, pop a couple and I can get through the day. Tonight I took a couple before bed and we'll see if I can actually not wake up with the cramping. Something else we've noticed is that when I lay on my left side, even for 5 minutes, it makes me have to go. Cheri said that's the way she was when she was pregnant so maybe I just need to poop a baby.

Why don't I go to a doctor? Well, I tried. He couldn't get me in but I could go see a nurse. I went home early from work on Thursday and went ahead and put a vacation day in for Friday so I made an appointment with him for Friday morning. I got up and didn't go (I was shocked) but I was still having the cramping so I went ahead to the appointment even though I was thinking I was probably at the tail end of it. Since I hadn't gone since early afternoon on Thursday, he basically thought the same thing and told me to call back on Monday if it was still a problem. The problem was, as soon as I got home from his office, I was running to the bathroom (I didn't take Immodium that morning, hadn't figured that part out yet.)

Since I had the day off and after an hour or so after taking the Immodium, we headed out to run errands. The first errand (and the most important) was to go to the cafe and get a Greek Skillet (Finally!). We were about half way through our meal and my uncle walked in and got a table so Cheri snuck over and sat down with him. Once I got done eating, I went over to his table and hung out with him while he ate.

My new mugshot

Afterwards, we headed for the license branch to change the address on our drivers license (we moved, in case you hadn't heard). They had to take new pictures, which sucked. Why do they have the camera at the angle of shooting up? In this age of a selfie, shouldn't they know that the best angle, at least when you're fat like I am, is shooting down. I'll get the new license in the mail in 7-10 days. This will actually be the first time I changed my address in around 10 years, which is about 4 places ago. I kept telling myself that I'm not going through with the hassle until I bought a house. I just wasn't expecting it to be 10 years. After that we basically did our usual weekly stuff, groceries, drugs and Lowe's (that's becoming a weekly trip) then headed home.


Saturday, my stepdad and I finally got around to see the new Star Wars movie. It was so much better than I was expecting. I won't go into how awesome it was, you probably already know. They apparently changed all the seating in the theaters to recliners as well so it was very enjoyable. I do need to get Cheri out there to watch it, even if I have to "suffer" through it again. The things we do for love. Just as I was leaving for the movie, Cheri came home from a moving sale that she had been at in the morning, trying to find stuff for the house. Cheri bought another dresser for our room but didn't have enough room in the van so I had to go out and get in on Sunday.
We were sitting around most of the evening on Saturday, Cheri was doing some online shopping for the house and I was doing some research and eventually bought a Fitbit for myself. I've been debating on picking one up so I finally decided to do it, I ended up picking up the Fitbit Charge, which oddly enough is the top of the line for the "inactive" line. I thought that was fitting. I chose it mainly because it had an automatic sleep setting to track how well you sleep and I can wear it on my wrist. I have always kept an eye on my steps on my phone but this is supposed to be more accurate. Plus, I tend to leave my phone when I walk around the house so I miss out on some steps here or there. Our daughter has Amazon Prime so we use her account to get the free 2 day shipping. I figured if I was lucky, I could get it on Monday but probably Tuesday.

Sunday, we were chilling in our recliners when the doorbell rang. I answered it to find a package from Amazon on my doorstep. I got the Fitbit in less than 24 hours, holy crap, talk about service. I charged it (it was dead) and have been wearing it most of the day. I think I got all the settings where I want them so we'll see tomorrow and see how the day went. I'm sure you'll probably start to see updates on this blog about my steps and stuff, even if only so I can use my "fat ass" label again. If you have one and want to sync up with mine, I'd tell you to send a request but to be honest, I'm not even sure how to do that other than Facebook friends so first, you'll have to tell me what to do. I do plan on starting to walk after work again, I'm not sure how much I'll get in when the weather gets real cold again because let's face it, I'm not that dedicated. I'm going to try to remember to weigh myself at work (we don't have a scale here) in the mornings (before I eat) everyday and see if I actually lose some weight. I'm pretty sure most mornings I won't even remember.

9 mil. (not the actual gun I used)

My brother came by and picked me up to take me to his "gun range" which is basically a field with wooded area around it and dirt piles behind the targets. I had never even touched a gun, let alone fired one but this was something I had been wanting to do for awhile. After quick instructions from my brother, I shot off a clip of his 9 mil., I didn't think I was terribly impressive but he seemed impressed. I was only maybe 25-30 feet so I thought I should have had everything right around the bullseye but apparently it's not as easy as I thought. I went ahead and tried another clip and afterwards, my brother handed me the target and told me I should keep it and that I didn't realize how good that was.

I did alright.

AR Rifle (not the actual gun I used)

Next up, I tried my brother AR rifle. I shot a clips worth of that as well, I hit the targets maybe a third of the time from around 75-100 feet. The targets were only about the size of a softball so again, my brother praised me. I just felt awkward because I was around a bunch of guys who were probably way better than me.

Glock 40 (not the actual gun I used)

Later on, one of the guys let me shoot a clip of his Glock 40 just so I could see the difference between that and the 9 mil. I had shot earlier. A little more kick but I did alright with that as well.

12 gauge shotgun (not the actual gun I used)

Lastly, before we left, I went and shot my nephew's 12 gauge shotgun. There wasn't any targets out for it but I shot it just to see what it was like. I shot it until it was empty, maybe 6 or 7 shells, I don't remember which. Talk about a little kick, wasn't anything I couldn't handle but I won't be surprised if my shoulder isn't a little sore in the morning.

Once I got back to my mom's house, we headed back out to grab the dresser that Cheri had purchased. It's an old antique one, it doesn't look bad but Cheri said she's going to refinish it or something. It came with a mirror that attaches on top but I don't think she's going to attach it, last I heard it may go on a wall in the living room. We basically got another dresser because we had a whole wall with nothing on it and plenty of space, not that we couldn't use the drawers to but that was the real reason.

So that was my weekend, I can't even check anything off my honey to do list because we never finished anything. Oh well, I guess there's always next weekend.

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