Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Are you going to do this every day?

I know, you're back for a 3rd day of a "Fitbit" post. It's such an exciting life I lead. I got nothing else to post other than a kind of a diary so there you go. It feels odd talking about yesterday instead of today but that's the only way I can get my total stats in, I don't want to miss my steps to the bathroom before bed, do I? I've debated on changing it but that's what is stopping me from doing so.

Not to much happened yesterday, work was alright, I kept busy enough. We had a meeting where the boss complained about us not working fast enough, you know, the usual.

It was another chilly day but considering normal temps are usually mid 30's and it was mid 40's today, I can't complain. It started to rain in the afternoon which made it feel a little more chilly but again, I'll take the 40's in February.

I came home and chilled for awhile. I was just getting ready to run out and grab supper when Samantha and her friend came up and said that her friends sister wanted to take them to a movie so they went outside to wait to get picked up. Apparently she got lost so they waited awhile. It was supposed to start at 7 and they didn't leave here till after 7 so they missed the beginning. They went and saw Star Wars, Samantha doesn't have any reason to want to see it, she hasn't seen the others and doesn't know anything about the franchise. After the movie, I kept waiting for them to come home, it was already after 10 on a school night so I kept checking her GPS tracker to make sure she was coming but they were just sitting there for 20 minutes. So I text her and told her to get her ass home. She said they stopped for some supper. I replied with it's after 10:30 on a school night, you have no time to grab supper, hit a drive-thru and get your ass home. I waited until the GPS showed her moving towards home then I finally went to bed before she got here. Cheri stayed up to shew them to bed when they got home.

A record high in steps, still haven't hit the 10,000 step "goal." I told Cheri that I was closing in on walking 4 miles for the day and she was genuinely shocked, said she didn't realize I walked that much at work. She apparently believes I sit on my forklift and never get off I guess. Sometimes I wish she could see me work all day, maybe she wouldn't think of me as being so lazy if she saw all I do there.

You can also see that I went up 8 floors but I want to show you the chart.

You see where it says I went up 3 floors around 2 pm? Remember when I said it doesn't measure your steps up but the height off the ground you are? Well, someone from the quality department wanted to look at 4 parts, but they were in a box on the 3rd shelf but the floor was covered in skids with parts so my options were get on the forklift and drag about 20 skids out just so I could grab the skid on the 3rd shelf, or climb it. I decided to climb it. I climbed up the shelves and then shimmied over to grab the parts. So basically, I climbed about 25-30 feet in the air so it registered 3 floors up. At least my floors was higher yesterday.

As you can see, I went to bed earlier. It would have been even earlier had I not gotten annoyed with the kids not coming directly home after the movie. Even though I was in bed for almost 6 1/2 hours, this says I only slept soundly for a little over 4 1/2 hours. I apparently don't sleep as well as I thought I did. Cheri says she told me to roll over off my back once because I tend to stop breathing when I'm on my back, but she said that I replied but never did roll over so maybe that was my issue last night. Who knows? All I know is I don't sleep as nearly as soundly as I thought I did. I thought I slept like a log and barely moved at night. I only really remember waking up once and I had thought that was closer to when my alarm went off at 5:15 but not according to the chart.

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