Sunday, January 10, 2016

If you're happy and you know it

We've had a fairly busy last couple of weeks. In case you hadn't heard, we finally moved into our own home. After 5 years of trying, we have finally purchased a home and got out of our apartment. We pretty much got everything we asked for in our home. Big kitchen, garage, fenced in yard, big deck out back, a "den" for the kids to play their video games and the best part, all that in our budget. We closed on the 30th last month and came over here and painted my son's room and part of the living room, those were the priorities because the living room we'll spend the most time in and my son's room because it was a hideous lime green kind of color. His room got finished but we still have to finish the living room with another coat on the top half and we are doing board and batten on the bottom.

Before                                                   After

We are planning on painting pretty much every room eventually but we are going to do a room at a time to limit clutter of doing a bunch of rooms at one. Plus, we have a lifetime to make it the way we want. Trevor's room is checked off but we still need to get covers for the plugs because the previous owners apparently didn't take them off when they painted. They actually did a pretty crappy job when it came to all their painting. Lots of spots and drips, another reason we need to paint every room.

I just want to take a second to give a shout out to my family who are just as happy for us as we are. My mom, stepdad and my moms cousin have been very helpful with everything as well as my brother and his kids. On top of that, we've had many visits from family to check out the place.

I got the garage cleared enough (we were using it as a staging area when moving in) to get both our cars in, the night before the snow hit at that. Right now we have quite a bit of trash bags in there because our trash service is supposed to start this Wednesday but we haven't even received our trash bin yet. I'm hoping we get it by Wednesday so we can get some of it out. We already made one run over to the apartments to unload some, we were going to do that again today but it's really cold and snowing so we nixed that idea.

The only issue we had with moving was with Comcast. We moved in on the 31st and we had scheduled for them to come out on the 31st. They didn't show up. After calling 4 times (kept getting hung up on when they tried to transfer me) and over an hour and a half of waiting, they couldn't do nothing. They claimed we had an appointment on January 9th, but they also claimed that we hadn't called them since April when we upgraded our equipment. They couldn't explain why I would have called in April and made the appointment for January. The best they could do was get someone out on the 19th. No, I'm sorry we'll get someone out there immediately, no nothing, our next appointment is the 19th.

The only reason I called them was because it was a holiday and the local office wasn't open, I always go in because their tech support via phone sucks. So I waited until the 2nd when they opened up and went down and talked to them, she sent a signal and I gave her my phone number. Just before they closed, she called me and asked if the signal worked, it didn't. So she schedule an appointment for the 7th and said she'd call if she could get it any earlier. She ended up calling the next day and got it bumped up another day. So we ended up going about a week with no cable or internet. It wasn't as horrible as it sounds since we had plenty to do around the house and I hit Redbox pretty consistently for stuff to watch in the evenings.

When they did come out, the reason the signal didn't work was because it was never hooked up from the pole. The previous owners had dish network, that explained that. He also upgraded our modem to a bigger one with 2 signals so we are hooked up to the fastest one and the kids to the slower one. That's fair, they don't pay for it.

So that's where we stand, we are extremely happy to be in our new home. I smile every time I pull in the driveway and hit my garage door opener. I smile when I hear the kids in the den chilling on the couch and recliner down there. Let's just say, I'm smiling a lot more these days.


  1. Wonderful! Looks like a castle to me. :-)

    1. It's a castle for us to, so much more than we thought we'd be able to buy. We were very lucky.

  2. Yay Jeff!! I am so happy for you and your family. It looks like a wonderful home!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, we definitely think it's wonderful.