Monday, January 18, 2016

House update

So, since my last post, we have done a few things with the house. We might have everything perfect before we die, that's how I feel and we've only been here a few weeks. I joke with my wife that I don't have a "Honey To Do list", I have a "Bitch, Do This list." Mainly because I always refer to myself as her bitch. She doesn't like it, but she doesn't deny it, she says it makes her sound bossy. I do these projects to make her happy, she can't do them, otherwise I know she would.

Last week, my brother came over and helped me replace the toilet. We wanted to switch out the toilet in the master bathroom to a taller one because my wife has relapses of her MS every so often to where her knees hurt and it's hard for her to get up from a low seating position. I shouldn't say my brother helped because he pretty much did all of it. The only thing I was there for was to pick up the toilet. He got everything together, but the new hose between the floor and toilet leaked a bit so we headed down to Walmart to get thread tape. We went to Walmart because A) I had just replaced my car battery and needed to return my old one for my $12 back and B) my brother wanted to pick up ammo which conveniently, is right next to the tire entrance.
Saturday, we ran to the Habitat for Humanity store to look around and donate the old toilet. We didn't buy anything, but I still find it odd that I was shopping there. It's all home supplies, which is just something I never shop for. After that we went to Pet Smart for some food. Doing that on a Saturday was a mistake, I had to drag Cheri away from the kitten adoption thing that they had set up. She even said that she could very easily become a cat lady with 1000 cats. Once I got Cheri up on my shoulders and carried her out (not really) we headed to Lowe's. Does Lowe's have a rewards card? I need to look into that because I've been in 3 different ones in the last few weeks and tend to spend a bunch of money every time. Up until buying this house, I bet I hadn't been in a Lowe's or Menards this many times in my life. I could say the same for the local hardware store up the road. I may have been in there once or twice in my life, but I was there and back 3 times in a 2 day period and a couple of times since. Now if I could just learn to actually do all the home projects. We picked up more paint and wood and some small stuff at Lowe's before hitting the grocery store (I've been there a lot) and headed on home.
Sunday, I slept in till just after 10 (I must have been dreading the day in my sleep.) I got up, put my painting shorts and a work shirt on and headed out to the living room. I painted the upper half of the living room with another coat of paint (Bungalow Gold) and touched up spots towards the ceiling, then I painted the lower half with primer and followed it up with a coat of an off white (Bistro). Let it dry and put another coat on, then let it dry and put another coat on, or at least three quarters of the wall since we ran out of paint. I wasn't expecting to have to put 3 coats on. After we let the last layer dry, we spent an hour rearranging the furniture. Cheri liked it the way we had it, but during the day, the light from the front windows glared into the TV so we were going to rearrange so we didn't have that issue. The problem was, the shape of the living room only allows it to really fit one way and that was the way it was originally. We figured that out after I moved everything 4 times. The couch and recliners were a piece of cake, the buffet, however, was not. The last spot we ended in, we quit, even though it'll probably get changed back in a few days, but I was to wore out to move it anymore and I heard a nice, hot shower calling my name.

                  Before                                                              After     

Today, I came home from work and sat on my ass all evening. I'm feeling it, my body is sore because it is old. I was also waiting for my trash bin from our trash pick-up that was supposed to start last Wednesday, but I'm still waiting on my damn bin. My garage is going to be completely full of trash at the rate they are getting me my bin. That's the excuse I'm using for sitting in the living room, I was waiting for our bin to get delivered, had to keep an eye on the driveway.

I tell myself this to make me feel better

So that's what we've done so far. I'll keep you updated with any other changes and believe me, there is plenty of coming.
  • Den - Paint.
  • Dining Room & Kitchen - Paint and Stain the cabinets.
  • Garage - Rearrange and clean (clean probably won't get done till spring.)
  • Living Room - Some touch up to the paint and put the wood (board and batten) up. Put some kind of tile at the front door (there's carpet there now).
  • Main bathroom - Paint, possibly restain the vanity.
  • Master Bath - Paint, possibly restain the vanity.
  • Master Bedroom - Paint walls and possibly ceiling.
  • Outside - Reseed grass (spring), stain the deck and the porch, put up a column, paint the door, replace the lamp post.
  • Samantha's Room - Paint, take down fish wallpaper, put up chalkboard paint on one small mall.
  • Trevor's Room - Completed.
Like I said, plenty to do. I reread all that and it makes it sound like we bought a dump, but in reality, the previous owners did a crappy paint job with colors we don't like, that would be most of our issues.


  1. I am sorry about the's a bugger to get that stuff down usually (although not always). As far as the glare ~ we ended up putting in block out cellular shades as the windows in our living room are on the west side of the house. I love the colors in the living room!

    1. We thought we'd get lucky with the wallpaper, it started peeling right off then stopped so we'll have to go at it now.

      We are looking for block out curtains for the living room, it faces west as well.