Thursday, January 21, 2016

Still waiting on you to impress me

When Cheri called our trash service on the 4th, they said that they would deliver the trash bin in 7-10 days. I'm pretty sure the 10th day would have been the 14th. Today is the 21st. Maybe I should send them a calendar, maybe explain how it works, you count the squares with the numbers on them until you use all your fingers, that will be 10 days.

Step 1: This is a calendar.

Cheri called again last Thursday (the 14th) to ask about it, they said it would be Friday or Monday. Fine. Monday comes and goes, still no bin. We received a bill last week, but no bin. So you want me to pay you, for a service that you were supposed to provide, even though you have yet to provide it? You've promised me a delivery by a certain date, and have not delivered, but you still want your money?

No money for you.

Cheri called again on Tuesday of this week and basically told them since we didn't have the bin yet, that they need to pick up our trash regardless since Wednesday was supposed to be our day and our garage was getting filled with trash, and that was after I've filled the trunk with bags and took them to the apartment dumpster, twice. They agreed to take up to 8 bags of trash and a box of cardboard (they do our recycling as well).

At the rate they are going, I might need one of these.

When I got home from work on Tuesday, I spent some time in the garage filling up lawn bags of all our kitchen bags. I was squeezing as much as I could in each bag, I wanted this trash gone. I got up to 4 kitchen bags in some of them. I actually ended up only using 6 lawn bags because I was cramming them full. Then as far as the cardboard went, remember last week when I said we had installed a new toilet? Well guess what box I used for the cardboard, the toilet box. I crammed all the cardboard from the packing boxes in that nice big box, sure it was sticking out a couple of feet, but it was all in the box.

I came home from work on Wednesday afternoon and it was all gone so hooray for them doing part of their job. When I came home from work today, the trash bin was at the end of the drive so hooray for them doing the 2nd part of your job. Let's just hope that everything else is smooth sailing from here on out, because as of now, they have yet to impress me.


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  1. Sad commentary on business practices when you basically have to threaten the business in order to get something done that should've been done weeks ago.

    Father Nature's Corner