Monday, May 12, 2014

Post internet blackout journal–Sunday, May 11th

If you read yesterdays post, you know I napped and subsequently couldn’t sleep last night.  I made up for that this morning by laying in bed until 10:30.  Didn’t do much this morning, just putted around the house and finished the Cowboy beans for our Mother’s Day party.


While Cheri was finishing getting ready to go to my brothers, I ran to Walgreens for 2 things.  1. I had to get a mother’s day card for my mom.  I didn’t necessarily wait until last minute, I tried to get one on Wednesday at Wal-mart but none of them really clicked with me.  I like to read the cards until I find the perfect one.  The one I did end up getting today wasn’t great but it was a message that fitted our relationship.  Something about how well I turned out even though I fought her the whole way when she was raising me.  2.  I need more pee pills.  I’ve been taking water pills because my body seems to be retaining water and has for awhile.  With my lack of insurance, I haven’t done much at the doctor.  I now have insurance, supposedly, even though they haven’t given me cards yet.  They have taken it out of my check for the last 2 weeks, but I have yet to receive any information.  I called and bitched at them but that obviously hasn’t done any good.  So, like I said, I’ve been taking water pills for the last 2 or 3 months to keep from swelling.

1:00pm to 4ish pm

As per our annual tradition, we go over to my brother’s house and have a cookout.  All the mother’s get steaks while the rest have burgers and dogs.  (post about my mother on previous Mother’s Day)  Basically we just hang out and chill for awhile.  Our Mother’s list has been growing with 2 more of my brother’s daughters have kids this year, although 1 of them wasn’t there.  It was a great time, it always is with my family.  It was also the first time in a long time that both of Cheri’s kids were together so I’m sure she enjoyed them being there.  They took pictures together, I took them since I wasn’t asked to be in any of them.  Guess that’s just proof that no one in that family really believes I’m a father figure to those two.

Hung out at home for awhile and watched some TV before heading out to pick up the kids from theEx.  She was late, again.  Not by a lot but it gets annoying every freaking week when I’m always there on time.  The kids had a pretty good weekend since they got their mother to themselves because the JackAss was in the hospital again.  He’s the one that makes them miserable so when he’s not around, they usually have a good time.  I grabbed some McDonalds for the adults of the house for supper and came home to watch a bunch more TV (as you can tell by the list of shows below).  We were really behind on our DVR with all the ball games going on so it was nice to knock a few of those off.

It’s closing in on 11pm and we’ll probably be heading to bed shortly.  The lights just flickered on and off since there is a storm going on out there.  We’ll see if it comes back on shortly so I can post this.  It seems to be taking longer than normal, internet and TV usually only take a minute or so to come back.  I get the feeling they aren’t coming back so you may not read this until tomorrow.  Sorry about that.

Stats today

  • Supper at McDonalds
  • TV – Preachers Daughters, Hot in Cleveland, the Big Bang Theory, the Millers, Grey’s Anatomy, Surviving Jack, Two and a Half Men, Impractical Jokers, Elementary and Playing House (DVR)

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