Thursday, May 22, 2014

Daily’s and Feedly

In my last post, I referenced my Feedly as well as what I called, my daily’s.  When I get online, my browser opens up on a friends daughters MySpace page.  That would be the first “daily”.  His daughter died at 18 and MySpace wouldn’t give him control of the account but they said as long as it was still getting pageviews, it wouldn’t be deleted.  So I hit it at least once a day.

Here’s a screencap of my daily’s bookmarks


  1. MySpace - I already told you about the MySpace account.
  2. Breast Cancer Site – I click on the Breast Cancer link every day, along with the Veterans, Autism, Alzheimers and Diabetes.  Breast Cancer because I’ve known a few people who have fought it.  Veterans because I strongly respect what they’ve done.  Autism because I can’t imagine raising an autistic child, especially the ones that don’t like contact, I can’t imagine never being able to hold my child.  Alzheimers because it runs in my family and I may very well end up with it.  Diabetes because a number of family members have this, including Cheri.
  3. Blogger – I used to check my stats and stuff but now I pretty much breeze past it.
  4. Yahoo Mail – Obviously, I check my mail.  My yahoo is the account I sign up for sites with because it seems to have a pretty good spam filter.
  5. Gmail – I use this email more as my personal email anymore.
  6. AOL – I use this email for one of my Twitter accounts, I think the cat one.  I’ve actually had this account since the internet start getting popular.  My brother had AOL and let me set up an account on it.
  7. Hotmail – Because I needed another email account for my Michigan accounts.
  8. Facebook – I have 2 lists on FB that I check daily.  Family and Current Friends.
  9. Tweetdeck – I have all my Twitter accounts in one so I don’t have to check each one individually.
  10. Instagram – Check my Instagram, obviously
  11. Pinterest – Same as above, check it.
  12. Twitter – I don’t really use this one either because of the Tweetdeck.
  13. Unfollowers – This website keeps track of who follows and unfollows all my Twitter accounts, my Facebook and my Instagram.
  14. Ebay – The link goes to my saved searches, I go through each of those.  Then check the stuff I’m bidding on, then go to the purchase page to pay for whatever I haven’t paid for yet.
  15. FH – This is a tumblr account that he posts links on everyday.  Book/Link/Pictures/Person/ect of the Day.  The website and picture of the day I usually click every day.
  16. Feedly – I have my feedly divided up to folders.  A to Z, All-Stars, Cards, Celebs, Humor, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr.  I check the A to Z, All-Stars Instagram and Pinterest folders every day.  The others I check whenever I have time.  The A to Z are people that I followed during the A to Z Challenge.  I gradually move them to All-Stars or delete them depending if I still like what they are posting.  All-Stars are the posts that I want to keep up with Daily.  Cards are all the baseball card blogs I follow.  Celebs are all the sites that post Celeb pictures daily.  Humor is all the funny stuff I follow.  Instagram is all the Instagram accounts that I specifically follow.  I follow some people because they are friends but I don’t really care what they post so this is my way of weeding out who I follow and who I actually follow.  Pinterest is the same as the Instagram food.  Tumblr is all the Tumblr accounts that I might repost to one of my Tumblr accounts.

There you go, that’s my usual daily trip on the interwebs.  When I get done with all those, I usually blog or go through the rest of my Feedly stuff.


  1. That was interesting to see how you do the net each day. I pretty much have a daily routine as well. What do you think of Feedly? I had Google Reader for so long and I MISS it. I use Feedly now and I have decided myself what I think. I do the same kind of thing with my A to Z Blogs that I visited during the challenge. I keep or delete depending....

    1. I preferred Google Reader, it just seemed easier and had more features. But I do like the "Pin It" feature on Feedly because I pin directly to Pinterest from it.

  2. Mine is a lot less bulkier. Mornings before work revolve around: e-mail (Hotmail), blog (Blogger), news (Fox, Hartford Courant), sports (ESPN) and blog subscriptions. Evenings are spent doing those previously mentioned plus roughly 10 minutes on Facebook.

    And I agree that Blogger stats are pretty much worthless. I go by my Statscoutner stats to give me an accurate reading of whose been visiting my blog. I don't use Feedly as I was never able to get the hang of it.

    Father Nature's Corner

    1. Any news source, mainly sports websites are on my Feedly so I rarely visit the sites. You can put damn near anything on there.

  3. That's a real positive start to your internet day. Nice.