Friday, March 28, 2014

Music timeline

I should be working on my posts for the challenge, I’ve written one and it took 3 nights.  At that rate, I’ll never stay caught up but as I typed out the first one, it was hard to give a quick heads up about some of the music, so that’s what this is.

I’ll give you a little run down of my “music history” before I go through my playlists for the A to Z Challenge this year.  I’ll be referring back to this post as well though out the challenge.

  • Classic - I was born in 1973 so as most of you, I was a slave to my parents music.  Although I couldn’t really tell you a whole lot of it.  I know my dad liked Creedence Clearwater Revival but he past away when I was 8 so most of the influences I remember were from my mom.  I vividly remember certain cassettes laying around.  Amy Grant, Blondie, Electric Light Orchestra, Dan Fogelberg and the Bee Gees.
  • 80’s – I obviously listened to the 80’s all the way through the 80’s.  Once again, mom was driving, she controlled the radio.
  • Christian - When I got into high school, I became religious and only listened to Christian music for probably 5 years or so.  Even though I’m far from religious now, I still love the music.  They all bring back floods of memories from those days.  For the record, a lot of it is Christian Rock and even Rap.  It’s not all your slow Jesus songs.
  • Hip Hop/Rap/90’s - Once I got smart and got out of the church, probably early to mid 90’s, I listened to the radio, mainly top 40 and even got into some rap and hip hop.  The hip hop I’m not really sure where it came from, but the rap came from my brother.  We worked together and would go to lunch and he usually drove so I listened to Gangsta rap.  I liked a little bit of it, very little, but there were some.
  • Rock/Alternative - In the early to late 90’s, my brother and I were once again, working together, only he had grown up and listened to rock music.  We worked steel construction and a lot of the job sites were an hour or so away so we would ride with our foreman to and from the site and he always listened to rock.  So I started listening to rock and that was pretty much all I listened to up until 2009.
  • Virginia songs - In 2009, I started to date my wife, she lived in Virginia at the time so when I would go visit her for the weekend or a week, all we would listen to was her music which was pretty much top 40 but she also liked other music that I didn’t really know well.  Some of it was Indie pop, some of it was a pop rock, a lot of it was current country.  So I really developed a taste for a lot of different songs which leads me to today where as you can tell, I’ve pretty much listened to it all.
  • Before Spotify (BS) – I pretty much listened to CD’s of songs that I downloaded.  Which was pretty much rock songs and a CD that my wife made me with love songs with a couple different genre’s.  I listened to the radio quiet a bit, mainly rock still but I started to flip to current stations as well.
  • Spotify – Once I discovered Spotify, I combined all of the above music and threw it all together, and that’s what I have now.

So there you go, my music timeline.  Like I said before, I will link to this throughout the challenge.


  1. Quite the array of music indeed throughout your life

    1. It makes for a very large playlist.

  2. You have indeed listened to a lifetime of music. I was born in the 50's and lived through the 60's. And listened to the music of the 70's. And then I discovered Country and I pretty much have not turned back. However there are songs of today that I really like And I can't wait to see what you write about.