Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Jelly Beans

I should be blogging more.  I have stuff to say, about a big change in my life but I can’t until it has officially began so maybe the fact that I can’t really say anything is the reason I haven’t felt like blogging at all.  I have other things to talk about and I should talk about them but when I have this huge change over my head, that I want to talk about, and I can’t, it kind of takes the air out of everything else.  As of late, the whole change has been frustrating because I thought it would have happened already and it hasn’t but I guess you’ll have to wait until it happens before you get to read about it.  So let’s blog about something else.

Get it?  Segway into something different?  Never mind.

What the hell is up with freaking Jelly Beans?  It’s coming towards spring, and Easter is right around the corner, and this time of the year, I get to buy Jelly Beans.  I love Jelly Beans.  So while we were at Wally World (Walmart) the other day, I saw the Easter stuff out and thought to myself, Jelly Beans.  So I hit the Easter aisle in the grocery section with my mouth watering for Jelly Beans, original, Brach’s Jelly Beans (except the black ones, no one likes those).

Here’s what I see.

What the Sam Hell is going on, where the hell are the regular Jelly Beans?  I JUST WANT REGULAR JELLY BEANS, DAMN IT!!!!

Then Cheri told me maybe they were up in the holiday section up front.  So I calmed down and we headed up front.  After seeing more of the above, I finally see it.  There is a light shining on it from above, then it goes darker, then lighter.  Stupid Walmart and their energy efficient lighting.  I walk over to the Jelly Beans, I think I might have started to drool a little bit.  Then I saw it.

AWWWW!  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  SPECKLED?  WHAT THE HELL IS SPECKLED JELLY BEANS?  I JUST WANT SOME DAMN JELLY BEANS I screamed (in my head, because I’m not the usual PJ and slipper wearing Walmartian.)

They seriously had no Classic Jelly Beans, none.  I didn’t even see a place for them.  My heart is breaking, I had to go home and stick to my candy hearts I bought on sale after Valentines day.  Stupid Walmart.


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