Sunday, September 15, 2013

Maize and Blue day

Don’t worry, the post isn’t all about the game.  It was too embarrassing to speak of anyways.


I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it on this blog or not, but my family have come across a fellow Michigan fan family who has season tickets to the Michigan football team.  They don’t always go anymore so they always sell my family 3 games (2 tickets each game) and I get a set, my brother gets a set, and my mom gets a set.  Anyways, since I got first pick last year, I got last pick this year.  Which means I got today’s game vs Akron (who?).  Yeah, I know.  A nice cupcake game (so I thought).  I didn’t really like spending $75 on a ticket for a game that will probably be over by the end of the 1st quarter but I love going to see a game in the Big House so I was going anyways.  Plus, living in South Bend around all the Notre Dame fans, it’s nice to hang in Ann Arbor and surround yourself with a bunch of Michigan fans.  I usually take a guy from work Ann Arbor, MI - Google Mapswith me but he couldn’t go this year so I grabbed my brother and we headed off to Ann Arbor.  It takes us about 2 1/2 hours to get there and we made great time.  We hit McDonalds for a quick lunch before heading up to the stadium.  Well, not so quick because it was 10:50 am and apparently they don’t serve lunch until 11.  So we chilled for 10 minutes, grabbed some food and headed for the golf course (that’s where we park).  As you can see from the picture to the left, it’s right across from the street.  Now it’s not like we park right there next to the stadium, we are usually further towards the bottom of the picture.  They actually let you park on the course, everywhere but on the greens and in the sand traps.

We headed on over to our seats.  Now luckily, since it wasn’t a top tier game, when we sat down, we actually had room because some people weren’t there.  I say this because it’s a tight fit in the seats.  On top of that, there is this really big guy and his really big mother (pic of him below.)  They fight all the time, it’s actually rather humorous to sit and listen to them.  I’d feel bad for her because the son treats her like crap, but she’s just as annoying as he is.  As a matter of fact, today I overheard them argue about who was wider.  Anyways, their seats are about 4 or 5 down from ours but today when we got to the stadium, they were sitting right next to ours.  You see, as season ticket holders, you have the option of getting padding put down on your seats every game.  The ticket holders that we get the tickets from specifically get the padding just so you can make sure IMG95201309149514272395707you get their seats and they don’t push you off the edge.  Specifically because of these 2 that are in the row.  Like I said, when we got there, they were sitting in the 2 (4) seats next to ours.  We figured it was because those ticket holders had purchased the padding as well and they wanted those.  I told my brother, I know those aren’t their seats so I’m not going to cram in there just to please them, and I didn’t.  When I sat down, the son was sitting next to me and pretty much sat on him.  He sat there a bit then bitched to his mom about not having room so he switched with her.  I don’t know if they thought I wouldn’t push her around or what but I stood for the national anthem and the kickoff and when I went to sit down, she was there.  So I sat right down up against her as well.  She got upset and had to pull her jacket out from under my ass.  I ignored her.  I also had my cellphone in my right pocket so every time I got a text, it would vibrate up against her as well.  Eventually she was moving away from me.  At one point, towards the end of the game she had her foot up against mine, guessing that I would move it.  Instead, I started tapping it to the band until she moved it.  I know you think I’m picking on a big old lady but like I said, they weren’t her seats.

I won’t go into the game, it was rather rough.  After beating a higher ranked Notre Dame last week in a great game, we barely squeaked by an Akron team who has won 1 game in each of it’s last 3 seasons.  It was ugly.  We looked like crap but a win is a win and hopefully they learned from it.  It got me thinking about all the previous Michigan games I had gone to.  I was thinking I started off with a losing streak but I had been to a bunch of wins in a row so when I got home, and after Cheri made fun of me for getting fried sitting in the sun,

2013-09-14 19.55.51     2013-09-14 19.55.59

(notice the sunglass mark and also the right side of my head and face got very little sun compared to my left side)  I checked to see what their record is at games I have attended.  I had to go back through their schedule and guess at what games I went to but I’m 95% sure that this is accurate.

9/14/13 - MICHIGAN   28, Akron   24
11/17/12 - MICHIGAN   42, Iowa   17
9/15/12 - MICHIGAN   63, Umass   13
9/8/12 - MICHIGAN   31, Air Force   25
11/19/11 - MICHIGAN   45, Nebraska   17
9/3/11 - MICHIGAN   34, Western Michigan   10
9/4/10 - MICHIGAN   30, Connecticut   10
10/24/09 - Michigan   10, PENN STATE   35
11/15/08 - Michigan   14, NORTHWESTERN   21
10/6/07 - MICHIGAN   33, Eastern Michigan   22
9/8/07 - Michigan   7, OREGON   39
9/23/06 - MICHIGAN   27, Wisconsin   13

Michigan is highlighted     -     winner is capitalized

So after starting with a win, then a loss, then a win, then 2 losses I have seen 7 straight wins.  Granted, Brady Hoke took over in 2011 and they haven’t lost a home game since so that goes for most everyone but I still feel better.  I’m thinking Michigan fans should pay me to go to all the home games, maybe even pay to have me fly to away games, just a suggestion.

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  1. I'm impressed at your fortitude ~ I don't know if I could have handled the seating situation as well as you did.