Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I hate the radio

I hate the radio.

I understand why they have to have commercials and all the talking but it doesn’t make me like it any less.  It only takes me 7-10 minutes to get from home to work.  So when I get in my car, there is a distinct possibility that I will only manage to hear part of 1 song if they are on or go on a commercial break.  It’s way worse in the mornings because they run their stupid morning shows so I hear no music anyways.  It does no good to flip through the channels because they all have morning shows.  I used to listen to the Bob & Tom show in the mornings and I loved the show.  But it was a 25-30 minute drive to work so I got into the conversation, even if I got stuck with a commercial, it wouldn’t be the whole trip.  So I’m not against morning shows in general, just when I don’t have time to really get into anything.  So I listen to my Spotify playlist.

Depending on what section I’m in at work, I may get 2 hours or so of listening to Spotify.  2 weeks of the month I get a couple hours, 2 weeks I don’t.

On the way home from work, 7-10 minutes and since I get off at the top of the hour, it’s usually commercials to start with, so I listen to Spotify.

So you can see why I pay for the Spotify premium service, I get plenty of use out of it.  You can also see why I have such a huge playlist.  It currently has 1468 songs, up 38 songs from yesterday.  As you can see I’m constantly adding to it.  Another reason I don’t like the radio is because when a new song comes out, they play it every hour.  So there is even a good chance that in that 7-10 minutes to and from work, that I will hear the same song.  What I do with my Spotify playlist (Anything & Everything) is, I create a 2nd playlist (A&E II) and organize them and start playing it from the top to the bottom until I get through it.  First, I organized them A-Z by title, then I played it on random for awhile, then I organized them Z-A.  Now I have them organized by time, longest to shortest.  I have no idea what I’ll do next, but since I have 1400+ songs, it’ll probably take me a couple of months to get through all of them so I got time.

So in the end I have to say, I love Spotify and I hate the radio.


Track – Watch the Lamb

Artist – Ray Boltz


This is one of those old christian songs from back in the day.  It’s about a father taking his kids and a lamb to be sacrificed in Jerusalem on the day that Jesus is crucified.  It talks about how the soldier made him help carry the cross and witnessing the crucifixion up close until he dies.  Here is the end of the song, that makes you tear up.

I stood for what seemed like years, I lost all sense of time,
Until I felt two tiny hands Holding tight to mine.
My children stood there weeping, And I heard the oldest say
"Father please forgive us, The lamb, Ran away.

Daddy daddy, What've we seen here, There's so much that we don't understand,"
So I took them in my arms, We turned and faced the cross.
And I said, "Dear children Watch the lamb."

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  1. I used to listen to the radio all the time but lately I don't even turn it on. A shame, really.