Friday, February 15, 2013

Live from Bristol

I’m blogging live from Bristol, Virginia.  We drove down here yesterday (Thursday) so Cheri can see her BFF’s new baby.  We are staying at her mom’s condo with our son.  After just under a 10 hour drive, we arrived around 6 pm last night.  Basically dropped our stuff off at the condo and went over to her mom and step-dads for supper.  It wasn’t too horrible, we’ve had issues with them in the past so I thought it would be more uncomfortable than it was.  Cheri’s mom actually seems like she likes me now, I never got that feeling from her before.  Doesn’t mean I necessarily trust her any, but it’s different.

Today, we basically hung out with people.  We got up and went to a tattoo parlor for a little bit to hang out with her son while he was getting inked.  He wanted his mom to meet the tattoo artist who has been taking all of his money, I guess.  After that we headed out to breakfast.  We went to Bojangles because they don’t have them up north and I think that’s the real reason that Cheri wanted to come down.  She missed their biscuits.  Then we headed over to her BFF’s work and hung out with her for awhile.  She owns the place so we’re pretty sure she won’t get fired.  After that we headed over to her mom’s shop and hung out with her and Cheri’s sister.

Then I finally got to do something for me.  Not that I minded hanging out with people but it wasn’t all that fun.  I had googled the night before and looked for a local card shop.  We don’t have any ones worth a crap at home so I was excited to find one here.  I went in and found a few items, nothing terribly exciting but I enjoyed just hanging with some people and talking about cards.  Tomorrow I’m  heading down to the Asheville area to get with my cousin (who also collects cards) and head out to a couple of shops down his way.  We’re starting to get snow and I have to go up and over the mountains to get there so here’s hoping it doesn’t shut anything down.

We ended up coming back to the condo for a little while before meeting Cheri’s sister and her boyfriend for some supper before coming back to the condo.  So as you can see, we did a lot of hanging out with people today.  I don’t know how much I’m going to post while I’m here so I don’t know when you’ll see me again.  But I am still alive and around.  Although, with the lack of furniture here, it’s very hard to sit with my laptop and type one out so we’ll see what happens.

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  1. I'm probably just showing my ignorance, but what type of cards are you referring to? Baseball?