Monday, February 25, 2013

JackAss, episode 13

It’s been awhile since we had heard from the JackAss, then this past weekend, he reared his stupid ass.  First a little backstory.  Cheri always cuts the kids hair, she used to be a stylist.  She cuts Skyler’s hair as well as her boyfriend and other friends hair.  Those are teenagers, we all know they aren’t going to just let anyone cut their hair.  She knows what she’s doing.  The kids hair was cut within a few weeks so by no means was it long or mangy.  They came home from theEx’s with their hair cut, again.  Samantha said that they put layers in her hair, she already had layers in her hair.  Trevor’s hair was shaved down really short on the sides.  We had Samantha’s length to where she could tuck it all behind her ear or pull it back in a ponytail because I hate when girls have hair in their face.  Now of course, it’s too short to do that.  Trevor is always freezing, his hands are always like ice cubes.  And they pretty much shaved the side of his head down to nothing.

We told the kids that we didn’t understand why they paid to have their hair cut but that both of the cuts looked good.  We didn’t want them to think it was their fault or anything like that.  And we left it like that.  In reality, she pays me $27/week for child support and then goes and blows money on things the kids don’t need.  They do this kind of crap just to get under our skin.  We never react back to them so they don’t get that satisfaction but I swear they put the kids between us all the time.  Now we didn’t mention the haircuts again all week and they went to their house again this past weekend.  Then on Saturday, I wake up to this text message on my phone.


The stuff on top was irrelevant to this post.  It was actually about them being late as always.  But you see what he put, if you can decipher it because he’s an idiot.  As usual, I had no response because I never let him goad me into his games.  I have custody and I’m not going to do anything to lose that.  As I said before, we told the kids it looked good.  We never said anything to them about it happening so there was no need for this.  I’ll be glad when the kids get old enough to learn what to say to them and what not.  Actually, I’ll be glad when they are old enough to see him for the douchebag that he is.

We found this later but TheEx posted this on her Facebook on valentines day.


Hmmm, let’s see.  1.  He’s crazy (bipolar is our guess).  2.  I thought you had a booming business that you ran.  And oh yeah, number 3.


YOU HAVE A CRIMINAL RECORD YOU JACKASS!  While most of those are driving infractions, there are quite a few Criminal Misdemeanor’s as well.  Including battery (twice) once on a previous spouse.  This guy is first class all the way ladies and gentleman.

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  1. It's terrible when parents split up and use the kids as weapons against each other. You showed remarkable restraint at not saying anything about these haircuts. You, at least, were able to put your children first.