Thursday, February 14, 2013

VD sucks

This is what I have to resort to.  For the last few weeks, when a good (cheesy) Valentine card showed up in my reader, I saved the picture and the plan was to post them on my wife’s Facebook timeline throughout the day.  When I post on my Random Thoughts from a Random Guy Facebook page, I can set stuff to post in the future.  I’ve done this a few times when I’ve had funny pictures to share just so I didn’t post a bunch of stuff at once.  So I thought I would do that on my wife’s page.  Tomorrow we are leaving after we drop the kids off at school and heading for Virginia, which will take us a little over 9 hours to get there.  So I ended up saving 9 cheesy ass Valentine cards and tonight I went to her page to post date them tonight and apparently, you can’t post date stuff on someone else’s page.  Ok, fine, I went to my page and figured I’d post date them and just tag her so they show up on her timeline.  No dice, still can’t post date stuff.  So apparently you can only do that with group pages.  Alrighty then, I went to my RTFARG Facebook page and was going to post them there and tag her.  Yeah, I can finally post date them but because I post as RTFARG, I can’t tag anyone.  Damn it.  So I switched over to post as myself but post on the RTFARG Facebook page.  Yeah, I can tag her, but now I can’t post date.  So my great idea is shit.  Screw Valentines day.

So all I could come up with after all my hard work is post them here and post date it for tomorrow.  And after it posts, I’ll have to look over and say, since your not doing anything, go read my blog.  Bah Humbug, Happy Valentine’s day.  So here’s the cards.


She probably won’t get it, she doesn’t follow Star Trek, but I thought it was hilarious.  So sue me.


This is so true, I’m too fat to chase other woman, I might as well hold on to her.


Yeah, it’s a cheesy Tony Stark.  But at least she’ll get this one.  I think.  But it’s true, I enjoy anytime she’s stark naked in front of me.  Although when this posts, I’ll be driving, probably around Cincinnati, so maybe naked in front of me is a bad idea.  But she can certainly strip down in the passenger seat.  I won’t mind.


This is hilarious because about a month ago, she fell down when her leg issue just started and literally couldn’t get up and I was at work and she was home alone.  Now I’m making fun of my wife’s MS issues.  This isn’t going so well.


Yeah, now I’m working my swag (whatever the hell that is).  Data is hooking this brother up!


She thinks Dean is hot so this should be a good one.  Or am I making her think of Dean when she should be thinking of me.  Now she’s thinking how Dean is doing himself, and is getting kind of grossed out.  This is going so wrong.


Awww!  Hulk is so sweet and I replicate his sentiments.


Bahahaha!  Number 1 is killing me, it’s such a cheesy line, it may actually work.  I only have one more, I better make it count.


Perfect!  And it’s true.  Although technically, I guess I’m cheating on her since I never stopped looking at porn.

I suck at this Valentine’s day crap!  Screw this!

Actually, my wife and I don’t really celebrate Valentines day.  We both call BS on this holiday.  We tell each other we love each other all the time, we don’t need a holiday for that.  Usually we don’t even buy for each other.  We buy stuff for the kids to make sure they know we love them.  Because telling them doesn’t mean anything to them, you have to buy them shit.  Bastards.  By the time you’ve read this, she’s already gotten in my car to the box of chocolates and card that I have hidden in her door.  I even wrote something special in the card, just for her.  It’s so cheesy that it just might work.  Don’t worry, it’s much better than this post.

Stupid holiday.

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  1. Mrs. C. and I decided we weren't going to buy each other anything on Valentine's Day, but as I look out the window it looks like she's coming home from work with the same box of candy I bought for HER!