Saturday, August 13, 2011

Work blows, breakfast good

I have decided that I'm going to use this blog as kind of a tumblr account where they post odds and ends whenever they come across something. Or if your more familiar with, like a twitter account without be limited to 140 characters. I figured I won't get any complaints, considering I get very little traffic.

Work sucks. I know, everybody says it but it's my blog so I get to complain. Where I work, the worse the employee you are, the less you have to do. If your a good employee, means you get to do your work and the bad employees work. Some people get away with everything, some people get away with nothing. Don't even get me started on what happens when your sleeping with a foreman. They tell some people "I'm sorry, we don't hire family anymore" then they hire somebody else's family member. It's ridiculous. I just do my job to the best of my ability and try (sometimes not very well) to keep my mouth shut.

Today though, we got a surprise from one of our customer. They supplied breakfast.



I love donuts.  I could eat lots and lots of donuts.  They brought in a crap load of donuts and I mean a crap load.  I’d guess 8-10 dozen per shift.  Usually when this is done, on the rare occasion it does, nobody tells us up on the line and by the time we get downstairs and realize they are there, they are almost gone.  But our line leader happen to be in the break room when they brought them in, so he grabbed a box and brought it upstairs before everybody else got their hands on them.  So I had a whole box sitting in front of me.  The box looked to be about 2 dozen.  And these are the only 2 I ate.  It was a fight not to go back and grab more but I heard Cheri in my head saying “your going to feel miserable.”  And I knew she' was right.  So all I had were these 2.  And when I went to break, I decided to eat part of what I brought for breakfast to counter the donuts.


Orange Juice in the green sippy cup and peaches in the blue one.  Yes, I said sippy cup.  Don’t judge me!  They don’t leak in my lunch box and they store my OJ and fruit without making a mess.  But it’s healthy stuff, that counter’s the bad stuff, doesn’t it?  It does in my mind and that’s all that counts.  How many guys do you know drink OJ every morning and has fruit a few days a week with his oatmeal?  I’m allowed a donut once in awhile, damn it!  Is it really going to hurt my girlish figure.  No, it won’t.  I’ll still be fat with or without the donuts.

Back to work related, they cancelled Saturday so I’m done for the week.  I got 51 hours in, I started out great (35 hours in the first 3 days) but only 16 in the last 2.  I have 12 vacation days left and I lose them and get more on October 10th.  So I’m thinking about taking 12 Fridays off and working 10 hour days Monday-Thursday so my checks will still be the same.  Just a thought, can’t decide if I want to do it or not.

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  1. Awwww, you do listen. But why didn't you bring me any? :(