Friday, August 19, 2011

Prison life for 40 hrs a week

So today, at work, because we have elementary aged workers who write on the bathroom stalls, the company decided to take the doors off the stalls.  Not the walls, just the doors.  So explain to me how that prevents people from writing on the stalls.  All you did was stop them from writing on the doors.  Oh, and by the way, thanks for punishing the rest of us.  I guess since I'm being punished then I should go ahead and write on the walls so I actually do something worthy of punishment.

"The people" decided that was ok and just started locking the restroom door.  Well, until "the man" found out and instructed maintenance to pull the lock off the door.  So now I'm just waiting so see what the next retaliation is going to be.  To be honest, I'm afraid to go into the restroom tomorrow morning after 2nd and 3rd shift find out about it.

So, basically, work has become prison.  And like prison, even the innocent get hurt.  What can you do?  Other than keep your cheeks together and hope you can hold it till you get home.  Stupid kids.  I seriously hope I wasn't that stupid at their age.  I probably was, but I hope I wasn't.

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