Monday, August 8, 2011

This week :’(

I know I haven’t posted much.  But considering I don’t really have any readers, nobody is there to notice anyways.  It’s hard to type out something deep and meaningful when nobody is really going to read it.

Cheri had her tonsils out and her uvula shortened last Thursday.  She did great in the surgery, I knew she would.  She came home and has been healing rather quickly.  She was eating pancakes and eggs later that day.  She hasn’t had much pain at all so I’m really happy for that.  She was really worried about the pain.  She’s pretty tough, so I figured she’d get through that anyways.  What we weren’t counting on was her lack of sleep.  She hasn’t been able to sleep hardly at all.  I’m not sure she’s slept over 2 hours since the surgery.  I hate to see her so tired and drained.  I would love for her to be able to sleep one solid night.  Just so I can see the happy, cheery Cheri that I love.  At least once before all the kids come home and everything gets busy again.

I started working more hours again this week.  I hate doing that because it means less time with Cheri.  This time will be worse because before I was going in early last time, which meant I was just taking sleep time away from our time.  But this time, I’m staying over after work so it’ll take away our time.  But we need the money, especially since I got lazy last week and took too many days off.  So there won’t me much “us” time this week.  And I’ve got plans away from Cheri on Friday night and Sunday.  Friday night I’m taking my son to the local minor league team’s game where it is Girl Scout’s Night where my daughter will get to walk around the diamond in a parade before the game.  Cheri may decide to come, we’ll see how she’s feeling.  Then on Sunday, the kids and I are going to Ann Arbor for Michigan’s Fan Appreciation day.  It’ll be the kids first trip to Michigan stadium.  I’m excited to be there and for the kids to see it.

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