Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Should be, should be, I'm not

I'm caught up at work and normally at this time, I'd be reading.  But I'm at that stage between books where I haven't started the new book because I'm not all that excited about my next book.  It sounds like a good book and I want to read it, but I just can't get it started.  How long have I been in this stage? A couple of weeks.  If I could just make myself start reading then I would be fine.  I'll most likely get into the story and I'll start picking it up every chance I get.  It's the getting started that gets me.

I'm the same way with kids movies like Disney or Pixar put out.  I know I'll like it, it's just getting me to throw it in the DVD player and watch it.  I usually tell my wife, "this is a movie you'll have to make me watch."

Now I'm out of stuff to blog about.  Maybe I'll start reading now. Maybe!

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