Thursday, August 18, 2011

Do you know what those 2 lines are for?

Is it really that hard to park a car between 2 lines?  Apparently it is because it seems many people can't do it.  I understand sometimes you just didn't get the right angle to make the spot, but that doesn't mean you just leave your car like that. There's this thing called "reverse," all cars have it.  Put your car in reverse, back out and straighten out.  Wow! Can it really be that easy, you ask?  Yes, it can be and you only lost 1 minute of your precious time.  The people at my apartment complex are just dicks.  Between parking horribly and parking in the handicap spots, it's just ridiculous.  The lack of concern for anybody but yourself will always piss me off and it's only getting worse.

While in Ann Arbor last weekend, we were all standing in a line that ran through the parking lot.  First, this guy parks his truck between the lines, "Hooray" then procedes to take out a table and take up a 2nd spot to set up his lunch with his family.  Asshole.  Then a little later a guy pulls in and takes 2 spots, gets out and just stands there with his vehicle.  Doesn't have a care in the world.  Stands there with this smug "I'm better than the rest of you" look.  Asshole.

Is it truly that hard to think about someone else other than yourself? In case you hadn't noticed, your not the only person alive.

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