Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trip to the Cove


Samantha had a girl scouts night out at Coveleski Stadium last night. I decided that

185384_2333437977149_1285791816_32896178_549722_nTrevor and I would go and watch the game. We invited grandma and grandpa to go with us too. We met the troupe before the game and Samantha was off. Their plan was a parade around the field pregame and then after the game, they were going to camp out on the outfield and watch a movie on the scoreboard screen.

When I got the kids back from their mom’s, Trevor looked like he was going to crash. He was exhausted, and it showed. He slept all the way there in the van. And then, after we ate, he fell asleep again for about 3 innings. After the game, we watched the fireworks and headed home.

281753_2333437577139_1285791816_32896177_4841506_nIt was a great evening, I had a good time with Trevor, I need to get out with the kids more often. I wish I could afford to do that kind of stuff all the time. I’ll have to figure out some more things to do that doesn’t cost much. We’ll be going to Michigan stadium on Sunday and I’m looking forward to that as well.

I picked up Samantha this morning and she said, after they got all the camping stuff up, they headed up to the concourse and got pop and popcorn. Then went down to the field to watch the movie but due to technical difficulties, they weren’t able to watch it and they gave them a fifteen minute warning before they shut the lights out. The leader said that sucked because here they had popcorn and pop and next thing they know, they are all supposed to go to bed. Samantha said she had fun though so that’s what counts.

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Update - Some pics from the troop leader.

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