Saturday, April 30, 2011

At the ballpark

Spent all morning at the ballpark, watching 2 of the kids play baseball/softball.  Trevor is in his first year of t-ball.  He looks bored in the field but he says he has fun.  It was very chilly due to the lack of sun and lots of wind for his game.  He hit the ball ok, but the coach needs to bump up the tee when he’s up to bat.  He’s a little tall to have it as low as he does.  Samantha is playing her last and first year of pitching machine league.  Last year I had all kinds of trouble getting her to pay attention when she’s in the field.  This year, she’s a totally different person.  She’s out there to play.  She hit the ball well and have even heard a few people in the stands talk about how good of a hitter she is.  But what impressed me was she played 3rd for the first few innings and fielded a grounder and went over and stepped on 3rd for an out and fielded a couple of throws to her for force outs, also at 3rd.  After those few innings, they moved her over to 1st base where she caught everything thrown to her.  I was a very proud father of her today.  Now if I could the ex-wife’s new husband to shut up.  He kept talking to her while she was in the dugout when she needs to be focused on the game.  From what I could hear, he was trying to give her batting tips, which as I said, she hits well and doesn’t really need her advice.  I know baseball, every position, including offense.  I’ve been working with her for 3 years, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need his help.  I don’t mind other people helping her because I don’t know everything, but what he was telling her makes me think he doesn’t know baseball worth a crap.  But it was a good day, got to hang with some of the family while watching the games.

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