Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finished/Next Book

fool moon

mint condition

I finished “Fool Moon” by Jim Butcher which is the 2nd book of the Dresden files.  Great sci-fi or urban fantasy read.  Better than the 1st but I’ve been told they get better as they go and there are 12 (I think) in the series.  Detective/Wizard Harry Dresden goes against werewolves in this book.  You get more supernatural characters and more humans learning the truth about what’s really out there.  Like I said, a great read.  I look forward to starting the 3rd but I downloaded a few free e-books for the Kindle and I am starting “Mint Condition – How baseball cards became an American Obsession” which if you read my previous post (I need an Intervention!!!), you know why.  It’s brought back great memories already and I’m still in the first chapter.  I’m guessing the author is about my age because he talks about buying cards as a kid about the same era that I am.  Looking forward to really getting into this book.

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