Sunday, April 10, 2011

I need an intervention!!!!!

Got my tax check a few months ago, bought a few boxes of Baseball cards, and I’m addicted to them, again!!  I LOVE baseball and I LOVE baseball cards.  I’ve kind of always had an obsession for them.  I collected as a kid, as did most of my friends, and cousins.  I had thousands upon thousands of cards.  I loved to watch and play baseball as well.  Then, they had the strike, and I got out of baseball and got rid of my cards.  I kept anything worth $5 or more in a couple of books.  I think I gave all my other cards to my mom’s friends kid from work, who was just getting started.  I can imagine his eyes light up when his mom came home with a case (if I remember correctly) about 36 inches wide and 32 inches tall packed full of cards.

Anyways, I got back into cards (and baseball) in 1998 with the whole Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa HR race.  I started collecting again and got thousands upon thousand again and replenished my collection.  I remember having 20 or so of the card albums packed pull with the players I liked or were worth something, along with boxes and boxes of commons, labeled by years.  I don’t remember how long I collected again but I did for awhile again.  I ended up needing cash and decided I was only collecting for myself and nobody saw my collection anyways, so I decided to sell them.  Ebay was quickly becoming very popular and I started listing and listing and listing until they were all sold.  Then I got addicted to Ebay.  Did I mention I have an addictive personality.  I still love cards so for a long time I would buy cards on Ebay and turn around and resell them.  I would try to purchase lots of jerseys or autographs to where I was only averaging a few bucks a piece and turn around and sell them.  I would also buy packs and blaster boxes here and there, hoping for that great pull, to sell.  The only card I ever really pulled worth anything was out of a blaster box I bought at Target.  I don’t remember the year or exact card but it was a Hideki Matsui autographed rookie card.  That was the 1st time I listed as shipping international as well.  It ended up selling for close to $300.  I would take the commons, make lots (players or teams) and list those as well.  So I would satisfy my need for buying packs and cards and my need to sell on Ebay all in one.  All in all, I probably lost money that way but it wasn’t a lot of money so I could keep doing it.

I got out of doing that a few years ago when the economy went to crap and I just couldn’t afford to spend the money on the cards like I wanted to.  Until a few months ago that is.  And I’m doing it again, only now, with this wonderful thing called internet, I’m reading all kinds of blogs about cards, getting to read or watch other people pull packs, it’s not the same, but it doesn’t help my itch to buy cards.  So I started a sports blog  ( and have been posting some pics of cards I’ve sold and mainly talking about the White Sox at this point.  I’ve even started a virtual card album ( – site isn’t done yet) which I showcase any really good pulls along with all the White Sox, Colts and Michigan cards I’ve come in contact with.  So I still get to collect them, without keeping them.  Sounds corny to most of you card collectors but I spend less money and get to satisfy my addictions as well.  I’m thinking about listing all my cards I don’t list on ebay and trade for stuff that I might list.  The team lots just don’t go as well as I would like them too.

So for those of you who have noticed my lack of humor posts, that would be why, I don’t go through my bulk emails which is where I got a lot of my humor material because I’m too busy reading all the blogs and working on my cards.  I’m sorry, I have an addiction and I need help!  Although I don’t want the help because I enjoy my addiction.

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