Friday, May 6, 2011

Cleaning out My Pictures

As I go around all my bookmarks that I check daily.  (All 104 of them.)  I wonder across pictures and stuff that make me laugh, cry, spank my monkey, ect. ect. (you get the point) and I save them for later use.  I decided to clean out said folder and throw them in a post.  Then I will have them for later anyways.


I found this funny on a couple of levels.  1.  He spilled the other guy’s beer.  2.  Cubs fans are idiots because they throw back HR balls hit by the other team.  So I guess I’m laughing at the whole spilt beer thing, but also because it happened doing a stupid Cub tradition.  And for the record, I don’t hate the Cubs, just a lot of their fans.  I feel sorry for them (see below)



Like I said, I feel sorry for Cubs fans.  To have that much faith in your team and to be constantly disappointed.  Cubs fans are the most loyal fans ever.  And I truly believe that.  Year after year, they believe, truly believe, that this will be the year.  Now that’s not different from most teams fans at the start of the year, but they feel that way even after 100+ years of losing.



Not only is this a Cubs fan, strike one, he’s doesn’t know how to wear a hat, strike two, and he’s using his hand as a visor when he has a hat on, strike three.  Your out, you moron.  I absolutely hate when people wear hats backwards, or sideways, or whatever.  To me, that shows you want attention, you have to be different, that you think your cool.  Mainly, you’re a moron.  There is absolutely no point to wearing a hat backwards.  NONE!!! I hate this almost as much as I hate people who wear sunglasses indoors.  But don’t get me started on my list of pet peeves.  This post will be long enough.


It’s about time us Caucasians get an isle for our food too.  Next, I want white history month, and United Caucasian College Fund,  I know it’ll never happen, But I Have a Dream!



Sorry, I can’t help but laugh at these.


The Navy Seals like it, why can’t I.



If you don’t know what this means, then google Jim Tressel or Ohio State Football.  Sorry, forgot the The in front of that.  Arrogant asses.  The fact that someone actually paid to put this billboard up makes it even funnier.  To spend money to make fun of a hated rival, well, that’s stupid.  But hey, it’s your money, spend it how you want it.  The only problem I really have with this billboard is if I were driving and saw it, I might laugh so hard that I fly off the road.  Once I got the car stopped, I’d have to put it in reverse, unless my car ended up facing the wrong way, then go back and take a picture.  So I guess it’s a good thing I found it here on the internet so that didn’t happen to me.



A classic photo of “the fab five”.  Ran across this and had to steal it, just in case I needed it for something.  For my thoughts on the team, check out my previous blog post, or rather, the first few paragraphs of it. (Weekend Update)  Long story short, I became a big time Michigan fan because of 2 reasons, they are a big time rival of Notre Dame, and I live around Notre Dame.  And because of this team.  Back in the days when I watched a crap load of basketball and little to no football or baseball.


“The Man.” Enough said.

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