Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wife's memory

We walk into Steak 'n Shake and my wife says "I think that's Mark from our class". We are hitting 38 years old this year so "our class" was 20 years ago. She recognized him from his facebook profile. Now that may not seem abnormal to you, but she has very little memory for anything else. We watch TV or a movie and she'll point out someone she seen 15 years ago in a soap opera when they were 7. She'll go "I know him from somewhere," she'll google it, and sure enough, she was right. Memory sounds great, doesn't it? If only that was all it took. Anything else, like where she left something, why she walked in that room, to start the dishwasher, well, you get the picture. Absolutely very little memory. I love her, a lot, just not her memory, or lack there of. She cracks me up because she's so smart and knows a lot about a lot, but ask her to remember what she did yesterday, not happening.

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