Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 23rd, 2011


This parking situation at work is getting ridiculous. You come to work, and because the lines are covered with snow, nobody can figure out how to park. Is it really that hard to park a few feet from the guy next to you. I had to park outside the lot and now run the risk of gettting hit by a semi. All because people are idiots. (7:47 am)

Got a text from my wife saying my oldest daughter passed out at school. She picked her up and she has a doctors appointment this afternoon. I really hope it's nothing, but as a father, you tend to worry anyways. I'm really hoping it's her diet or her sleep patterns. Although I don't see either one of those changing anytime soon. My wife is finally admitting that she thinks her sleep issues are because of her, and not some inbalance or something of that sort. Now to get her to take steps to make her sleep at night instead of all day is our next battle. (10:56 am)

Got a letter from the school today saying there was an incident at the elementary school yesterday. Apparently a 5th grader took a knife to school and threatened a teacher. Another student overheard and told his teacher and they confiscated the knife and filed a police report. What the hell is wrong with kids anymore. This shit is crazy. People are crazy. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and all we can do is watch our own asses because no one is safe anymore. (1:07 pm)

I started to read "Love music, loves to dance" yesterday and I'm pretty sure I've already read it. So I decided to try the Kindle app on my phone today and I downloaded a free sample book to test it out and I figured I could deal with it and downloaded the 1st book of the Dresden Files. Now that I've used it for a bit, I'm starting to really like it. It's nice having it on my phone because I take my phone everywhere. So now when I get stuck somewhere, I don't have to sit and wish I had my book, because I do. It automatically goes to the page I finished on so I don't have to search constantly or locate a bookmark. I must say it's pretty sweet. (2:45 pm)

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Finished off my day with some more TV and listing stuff on ebay. The ladies of the house wanted Bruno's pizza for supper so that's what we had.

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